William Steger Barlow

Date of birth: 3rd May 1892
Place of birth: Richmond, Surrey
Regiment: Dorsetshire
Battalion: 6th
Rank / Service No: Private, 15794
Died: 9th July 1916, aged 24 years
Buried: Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz, France (Plot II, Row H, Grave 10)


This family story is very complicated, quite sad but intriguing. Firstly, it has been difficult to ascertain William’s tie with Southampton.

The only proof we have that he had anything to do with the city is that he gave 4 South Road, St Denys as his home address when enlisting.


William was the third of 6 siblings born to James William and Marianne Emma Barlow (nee Ellis), who married in Brentford on 18 October 1886.



Marianne Violet   b. 8 September 1887 Richmond   d. 14 August 1888 Richmond

James Ellis   b. 26 December 1888 Richmond   d. 1965 Bournemouth   Married Doris K. Stickland (b. 17 March 1908) in Southampton in 1928

William Steger

Charles Saunders   b. 31 May 1893 Richmond   d. 4 January 1895 Richmond

Winifred Cecilia   b. 14 November 1894 Richmond   d. 1956 Southampton Married George Bromby in Southampton in 1918.

Stanley   b. 9 May 1896 Richmond   d. 29 June 1896 Richmond


James William was born on 5 July 1860 in Staines, whilst Marianne was born on 24 April 1863 in Brentford.


Four years after the birth of their 6th child, Marianne filed for divorce from James. The reason given was for “incestuous behaviour” with his niece Cecilia Marian (daughter of his brother Alfred Reuben).

The decree nisi was granted on 16 January 1901 but life was far from perfect for Marianne. She ended up in various Surrey workhouses before being admitted to the Brookwood Mental Asylum on 21 November 1916.


She sadly passed away there on 17 February 1918.


In the meanwhile, Cecilia Marian had married one Charles Barlow (a dairy farmer) in 1896. The couple lived in the Woking area for a few years before moving to Bishopstoke, and then onto Hawthorn Farm near Alton (living there in 1923).

It is somewhat of a coincidence that Charles Barlow shared the exact birth date of James William Barlow !!


“Charles” passed away at the farm on 19 February 1941, but not before the couple had produced 7 children…..

Cecil   b. 25 March Greenwich   d. 25 April 1975 Eastwood, New South Wales

Norman   b. 1898 Walton   d. 15 November 1909 Penselwood, Somerset

Freda   b. 24 March 1900 Woking   d. 12 January 1974 Alton Hospital   Married William H. Strong in Alton in 1923.

Evelyn   b. 24 March 1900 Woking   d. December 1980 Cheltenham   Married Walter Goldie in Alton in 1934.

Ronald   b. 2 September 1903 Woking   d. 3 August 1967 Dorking

Rena   b. 16 July 1907 Penselwood d. 26 March 2008 Bristol…100 years old !! Married Louis A. Berry in Alton in 1931.

Leslie Harold   b. 15 May 1912 Bishopstoke   d. 19 November 1962 Winchester Hospital


Cecilia was born in Staines on 13 February 1877 and she passed away in Denmead on 14 March 1972.


The 6th Battalion were formed at Dorchester on 6 September 1914, as part of the New Army K2.

They moved to Wareham and were initially attached to as Army Troops to the 17th (Northern) Division.


They were transferred to the 50th Brigade of the sane Division in March 1915, and moved to Romsey in the May to prepare for mobilization.

The Battalion landed at Boulogne on 14 July 1915 and spent most of the war around the Somme.


It was during the first few days of the Battle of the Somme that William met his end.


Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 22nd November 2016


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