William Kinchenton

Date of birth: 1883
Place of birth: Hedge End, Southampton
Regiment / Division: Mercantile Marine Reserve
Vessel: HMS Biarritz
Rank / Service No: Fireman, 678350
Died: 26th May 1915, aged 32 years
Buried: Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery (Naval.23.1209)


Even with an unusual surname, it has proven difficult to discover the story behind William.

He is believed to be the oldest of 7 siblings born to Frederick and Annie Kinchenton (nee Sharp), who married in Hedge End in 1884 (a year after William’s birth).


Because of miss-spellings, it is not known where Frederick was born; he was born in 1854 and it is not known when he died.

Annie was born on 27 May 1863 and she passed away in Winchester in 1951.


It is known that the pair of them appeared in Court on 22 October 1891, for receiving stolen property. Frederick was given 12 months “hard labour” and Annie 6 months.




Charlotte   b. 7 February 1884 Hedge End   d. 1967 Southampton   Married Bert Slade in Southampton in 1915.

George Albert   b. 29 February 1886 Hedge End   d. 23 January 1948 Southampton Married Jessie Webber in Southampton in 1908.

Annie   b. 21 September 1890 Hedge End   d. 1970 Southampton   Married Walter Anderson in Southampton in 1910.

Cecil JOHN   b. 18 February 1896 Hedge End   d. 1964 Southampton

Sidney   b. 1897 Bitterne   d. 1973 Southampton   Married Dorothy A. Gentles in Southampton in 1920.

Jessie Eliza   b. 18 April 1899 Bitterne   d. 1947 Southampton   Married William Brakefield in Portsmouth in 1928.


William married Edith NELLIE Miller in Southampton in 1908. The couple lived at 11 Marine Terrace, Bevois Valley and had 3 children.


Mary Louisa MAUD b. 8 April 1909 Southampton   d. 1998 Southampton   Married Harold H. W. Luxton in Southampton in 1932.

William James   b. 1 November 1911 Southampton   d. 1992 Southampton   Married Thomasina I. M. Martin in Southampton in 1938.

Arthur Ernest L.   b. 1914 Southampton   d. 1995 Southampton   Married Lily M. Cooper in Southampton in 1940.


Nothing is known about William’s naval career. He was admitted to the Royal Naval Hospital in Windmill Road, Gillingham and died there of cerebo-spinal meningitis.


His headstone reads: “In loving memory of my dear husband, from his loving wife and children.”



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 6th October 2016


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