William James Brown

Date of birth: 1886
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Mercantile Marine
Vessel: HMY Valiant II
Rank / Service No: Carpenter
Died: 9th January 1918, aged 30 years
Commemorated: Tower Hill Memorial


William was the second of 4 siblings born to John and Sarah Ann Florence Brown (nee Page), who married in Southampton on 9 November 1879.

John appears to have remarried on 26 December 1892, to Emma Elizabeth Rowe. They had a further 2 children.

John was born in Southampton in 1853 and died in the city in 1912. Sarah was also born in the city, in 1858 and there are reasons to assume she may have remarried.

Emma was born in Gosport in 1862 and she passed away in Romsey in 1943.

The family appear to have lived at 20 Radcliffe Road, Northam.


Harriet Annie   b. 1881 Southampton   d. 1972 Isle of Wight

William James

Fredrick   b. 1889 Southampton   d. 1946 Southampton

Charlotte ELLEN   b. 1891 Southampton   d. 1978 Portsmouth

Walter   b. 1893 Southampton   d. ??

Alfred   b. 1899 Southampton   d. ??


The vessel was launched on 3 May 1893 in Birkenhead as Valiant, and she became Valiant II on 11 February 1915.

She was requisitioned by the Navy on 18 November 1914 and was defensively-armed with 2 x 6lb guns.

There are no records of the vessel either being sunk or damaged during the war; indeed, she was definitely sold at the end of hostilities.

It therefore must be assumed that William died of natural causes whilst Valiant II was on tour in the Meditteranean.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 2 June 2016


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