William George Cleeter

William George Cleeter

William George Cleeter

Date of birth: 20th January 1897
Place of birth: Merton, London
Service No.: P/JX 164900
Rank: Able Seaman
Regiment / Division: Royal Navy
Battalion / Ship: HMS Hood
Died: 24th May 1941 aged 44
Death location: Insert data

Before the War
William was the son of Frederick and Susan Cleeter of 75 Acacia Road, Bitterne, Southampton.  William (Billy) George Cleeter, lived with his wife Violet at his parents address.  He was originally from Merton in London but domiciled in Southampton.

War Service
Having served his time in the Royal Navy William was remustered as a member of the Royal Fleet reserve at the outbreak of WW2.  He was killed when HMS Hood was sunk.  He is named on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial – Panel 47 – Column 3.  William is also memorialised in Hood Chapel, Church of St John the Baptist,  Boldre,  Hampshire.

HMS Hood, a 42,100 ton Battlecruiser, was built on Clydebank:  Laid down in 1918. Completed and commissioned in 1920.

Her armament consisted of:
8 x 15” (38.1cm) guns in 4 x twin turrets
16 x 6” (15cm) guns in 8 x twin turrets
6 x 4.7” (12cm) single open mount guns 32 x 40mm
AA guns in 8 x 4 gun mounts
2 x 24.5 torpedo tubes

She was sunk in an encounter with the German Battleship Bismarck on the 24th May 1941 in the Denmark Straits, with only three survivors out of her complement of over 1400.


Researcher: Terry Randall
Published: 3rd December 2014
Updated: Insert dates here

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