Wilfred Thomas Dawkins

Date of birth: 1888
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 2nd
Rank / Service No: Private, 14320
Died: 6th August 1915, aged 28 years
Commemorated: Helles Memorial, Turkey


Wilfred was the sixth (or seventh) of 10 siblings born to James and Emily Dawkins (nee Darley), who married in Southampton in 1876.

Both parents were born in Southampton, James in 1854 and Emily in 1858.


James died in the city in 1924 and Emily passed away in Romsey in 1948, at the grand old age of 89 or 90 years.



James   b. 3 November 1877 Southampton   d. ??   Married Frances Reeves in Southampton in 1913, although 1911 Census states “married” ?

Emily   b. 1878 Southampton   d. 26 January 1937 Cambridge   Married Thomas Martell in Southampton in 1902. Married Leonard Warland in Southampton in 1919.

William Frederick   b. 1880 Southampton   d. 1940 Southampton   Living with Eleanor and children at 1911 Census, although no evidence of marriage.

Charlotte   b. 1882 Southampton   d. 1969 Surrey   Married John Irving Hilsdon, although there is no evidence of this union.

Annie   b. 1884 Southampton   d. 1949 Winchester   Married William Charles Lush in Romsey in 1907.

Ellen (Nellie)   b. 1888 Southampton   d. 1891 Southampton

Wilfred Thomas

John   b. 1890 Southampton   d. 1890 Southampton

Daisy   b. 1892 Southampton   d. 1978 Southampton   Married Frederick G. Orman in Southampton in 1917.

Albert Frank   b. 1901 Southampton   d. 1924 Southampton


Wilfred almost certainly died during the Allied landings at Suvla Bay.

He was one of more than 21,000 Commonwealth servicemen who perished either on land or at sea during the 8-month Gallipoli campaign.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 6th July 2016


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