Walter Ford Wishart

Date of birth:                      1895
Place of birth:                    Sholing, Southampton
Service No.:                        405823
Rank:                                     Air Mechanic 2nd Class
Regiment / Division:       Royal Air Force – Aircraft Park
Died:                                      3rd November 1918 aged 23 years
Death Location:                 Lahore

Life before the War
Walter was born 1895 in Sholing, Southampton.  His parents were John and Matilda, nee Wilkins, who married Southampton in 1883.  Matilda was born in Southampton in 1859.

Walter had three sisters – Elizabeth born 1883, Edith born 1887 and Lilian Matilda (aka Lily) born 1891.

In 1891 Matilda, with her daughters Elizabeth and Edith, was living at South East Road, Sholing, Southampton.  Matilda was a Laundress

By 1901 Matilda and children Elizabeth, Lily and Walter had moved to Middle Road, Sholing, Southampton.  Matilda was a Laundress, which was her Own Account.

The family had moved again by the 1911 census.  Matilda, with children Lily and Walter, was living at 20 Loane Road, Sholing, Southampton.  Matilda was still a Laundress, which was her own business, Lily was a Nursemaid and Walter was employed as an Apprentice Shipwright.

On each of the censuses Matilda stated she was married but her husband was never entered onto the census.

War Service
Walter was serving in the Royal Air Force (Aircraft Park) as an Air Mechanic 2nd Class.  His service number was 405823.

He died on 3rd November 1918 aged 23 and is Remembered with Honour on the Karachi 1914 – 1918 War Memorial, Pakistan.

National Roll of the Great War
“Wishart, W. F.., Air Mechanic, R.A.F.
He volunteered in august 1914 and after a period of training was drafted to India, where he was engaged on duties which called for a high degree of technical skill. He did work of a valuable character until his death at Lahore in November 1918. He was entitled to the General Service and Victory Medals.
15, Elm Road, Itchen, Hants”.

A  “Deadmans Penny” for Walter was given to his mother following his death and is in the possession of Mr Alan Taylor who informed us, we appreciate his interest and thank him for contacting us.

Researched by Becky Lonergan 2013.


6 responses to “Walter Ford Wishart

  1. Alan Taylor

    Hi there,

    I have Walter’s Death Plaque. This would have been given to his mother shortly after he had been killed.



    • Hi There, thank you for contacting us, that’s very interesting to know, thank you I have added your information to his story. What is your relationship to Walter?
      Kind regards
      Brenda White for Southampton Cenotaph Families and Friends Group.

  2. Alan Taylor

    Hi again,

    I’m no relation but my hobby is collecting/buying WW1 medals and then researching them. I bought this plaque on ebay and the seller did not know anything about him. I had to research several W Wishart who were KIA but he is the only Walter, the others are William I have written to the CWGC as although he has a mention on the war memorial in Karachi many of the people mentioned are buried elsewhere in Pakistan. I will be going to The National Archives and will view this original record and I hope will obtain more information as to how he met his end. If I do get any more from either I will come back to you.
    Can anyone help with obtaining a photo of his name on the Southampton Memorial for me. What I normally do with all the finished information is put the pictures and information summary into a personalised folder.

    All the very best,


    • Hi there,
      That is interesting, it would be good if you can forward any information on to us that you think would be relevant. I am assuming by the death plaque you mean the “Deadmans Penny” which the parents were given following their sons death? How interesting. I can of course take a photograph of the name on the cenotaph and forward it to you.
      Keep in touch.
      Brenda White for Southampton Cenotaph Families and Friends Group.

  3. Alan Taylor

    Hi again,

    You did say that you would send me a photo of the inscription on the memorial. I have tried to send a reply from the CWGC but I require an email address to forward it on, its to big to put on here.



  4. Hello,

    You may be interested to know that Walter will be included in Volume One of a trilogy of books I’m writing about the Wishart surname in the Great War. He has a reference page in the index of Wisharts: and I hope to publish the first book, which documents all those who were killed or died of wounds/sickness, later this year.


    Scott Wishart

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