Victor Thomas J. Gravett

Date of birth: 1897
Place of birth: Northam, Southampton
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 14th
Rank / Service No: Private, 21427
Died: 3rd September 1916, aged 19 years
Commemorated: Thiepval Memorial, France


Victor was the fourth of 8 siblings born to George and Alice Thirzina Gravett (nee Page), who married in Southampton in 1891.


The family lived at 55 Prince’s Street, Northam.


Victor was employed as a “scurfer”, which involved working with boilers.


George was born in Southampton in 1861 and died in the city in 1909.

Alice was also born in the city, in 1872 and she passed away in 1917.



Theodora Annie   b. 1892 Southampton   d. 20 February 1963 Dormansland

Harold George   b. 1894 Southampton   d. 1918 Southampton

Percival PHILLIP   b. 11 November 1895 Southampton   d. 1958 Droxford   Married Gladys E. Tee in Brighton in 1933.

Victor Thomas J.

Gerald Frank   b. 1899 Southampton   d. 1904 Southampton

Edward A.   b. 1901 Southampton   d. 1946 Winchester

Alice Martha M.   b. 29 July 1902 Southampton   d. 1996 Richmond-upon-Thames

Vera May   b. 1910 Southampton d. ?? (still alive in 1964, in St. Pancras).



The 14th Hampshire’s were part of the 116th Brigade in the 39th Division when they landed at Le Havre on 6 March 1916.


On 30 June 1916, the battalion was in an attack near Richebourg l’Avoue with a Sussex battalion; a large number of the Sussex battalion were killed.


From here the battalion went to the Somme, and it was here that Victor met his end. In early July, a huge Allied attack basically failed and it resulted in the inevitable trench warfare.


Repeated attacks and counter-attacks meant a major battle for every village, copse and farmhouse gained.


At the end of September 1916 Thiepval was finally captured, having been an original objective on 1 July.


The Memorial bears the names of over 72,000 Commonwealth servicemen who lost their lives in the 4-month battle.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 4th August 2016


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