Thomas Henry Evans

Date of birth: 1868
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment / Division: Mercantile Marine Reserve
Vessel: HMS Andes
Rank / Service No: Greaser
Died: 4th December 1915, aged 47 years
Buried: Liverpool (Anfield) Cemetery


Thomas was the oldest of 3 siblings born to William Henry and Sarah Emily Evans (nee Sparkes), who married in Chippenham, Cambs. on 10 November 1867.


The couple moved almost immediately to Southampton, and it is known that they lived at 21 Chapel Street, St. Mary’s.

William, a baker, was born in Kidderminster in 1843 and he died in Southampton in 1894.

Sarah was born in Chippenham in 1848 and she passed away in the city on 10 October 1927.



Thomas Henry

William Henry   b. 1870 Southampton   d. 1954 Southampton

Edith Annie   b. 1877 Southampton   d. 1958 Southampton   Married Larry Kenelm Loader in Southampton in 1906.


Thomas married Mary Ann Hayter in Southampton in 1888. It has not been possible to establish whether there were any children.

At the 1901 Census, Thomas is shown as “married” but he is living with his parents alone.

There is good reason to assume that Thomas remarried in 1907, to Annie Worthington, in Liverpool.


HMS Andes had been a commercial liner prior to being requisitioned for the war and turned into an armed merchant cruiser, based in Liverpool.


Thomas appears to have had a military past prior to joining the Andes. Records state that he served as a volunteer in the Hants & Cape Artillery and he served in the South African war with the Cape & Western Province Rifles.


It is best to quote a passage from the Andes ships log to best describe how Thomas met his end, written on 19 November 1915 when the vessel was docked in Liverpool….


“ Evans (Greaser) fell from the gangway into the dock when returning from shore (at 11.55pm). Got out in an exhausted condition…Rogers jumped in to assist him.”


Thomas was discharged to a local hospital at 08.30 on 19 November and he died of pneumonia on 4 December.

It is perfectly likely that Thomas was much the worse for drink when he made his way back to Andes on that November night.




Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 15th July 2016


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