Sidney John Jackson

Date of birth: 1899
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Worcestershire
Battalion: 10th
Rank / Service No: Private, 44230
Died: 5th July 1918, aged 19 years
Buried: Hollybrook Cemetery, Southampton


Sidney was the third of 13 known siblings born to Ernest Frank and Minnie Kate Jackson (nee Sawyer), who married in Southampton in 1897.

The couple are known to have had 16 children in total, so it must be assumed that 3 children must have died in infancy.


Both parents were born in Southampton, Ernest on 24 February 1870 and Minnie on 19 January 1877.

The family lived for many years in Kent Street, Northam.


Ernest died in the city in 1940 and Minnie passed away there in 1952.



Henry George   b. 1895 Southampton   d. 1939 Southampton

Lilian Kate S.   b. 1897 Southampton   d. ??

Sidney John

Frank Ernest   b. 1900 Southampton   d. 1902 Southampton

Ernest Richard   b. 6 August 1902 Southampton   d. 1962 Southampton

Florence Margaret   b. 13 September 1904 Southampton   d. 1988 Southampton Married Walter G. Rodaway in Southampton in 1928.

Frederick James   b. 1906 Southampton   d. 1989 Kent   Married Eileen Laura Harrison in New Malden on 7 April 1928.

Gladys Dorothy   b. 15 January 1911 Southampton   d. 1991 Southampton

William Alfred   b. 1912 Southampton   d. 1980 Southampton   Married Winifred Appleby in Southampton in 1938.

Gwendoline L.   b. 1914 Southampton   d. 1915 Southampton

Reginald Norman   b. 24 November 1915 Southampton   d. 1993 Southampton Married Winifred M. Sheppard in Southampton in 1948.

Douglas Albert   b. 16 February 1918 Southampton   d. 1980 Southampton   Married Ruby E. Jewell in Southampton in 1948.

Charles Edward   b. 23 October 1919 Southampton   d. 1988 Southampton   Married Laura A. Snow in Southampton in 1948.



The 10th Worcestershires were formed in September 1914 at Worcester, as part of the Second New Army (K2).

They moved to Salisbury Plain almost immediately, and became part of the 57th Brigade in the 19th Division.


In March 1915, the 10th moved to Tidworth and were mobilised for war on 19 July of that year.

They landed at Boulogne in the third week of July, and were engaged in various actions along the Western Front almost immediately.


Sidney was almost certainly injured during the Battle of Messines (10-11 April 1918), when the 19th Division was attacked by 4 divisions of the German Fourth Army north of Armentieres.


Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 3rd October 2016


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