Robert Ernest Booth

Date of birth: 1877
Place of birth: Southampton
Service No.: 175602
Rank: Able Seaman
Battalion: Royal Navy
Vessel: HMS Viknor
Died: 13 January 1915, aged 37 years
Commemorated: Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Robert Booth death certificate

Robert Booth death certificate

Life before the War

Ernest was the fifth of 8 siblings born to William Henry and Harriet Booth (nee Boulter), who married in Southampton on 12 December 1870.

William was born in Southampton in 1847 and he died in the city on 16 September 1905. Harriet was born in Titchfield in 1850 and she passed away in Southampton on 2 December 1900.


  1. Harriet   b. 1871 Southampton   d. 1953 Southampton   Married George Gradidge Manship in Southampton in 1894.
  2. William Henry   b. 1872 Southampton   d. 1903 Southampton
  3. Florence Elizabeth   b. 1874 Southampton   d. 1887 Winchester
  4. Francis (Frank) George   b. 1876 Southampton   d. 1910 Southampton
  5. Robert Ernest
  6. Alfred Charles   b. 1880 Southampton   d. 1953 Southampton   Married Eliza Gardner in Southampton in 1914.
  7. Joshua Albert   b. 1881 Southampton   d. 1955 Southampton
  8. Joseph Percivalb. 1885 Southampton   d. 1969 Southampton   Married Ethel May (Margaret) Elliott in Lymington in 1904.

Ernest married Catherine Mary Gould in Romsey in 1910 and they lived in Kingsley Road, Shirley.

War Service

Viknor was originally built in 1888 in Glasgow, as the passenger ship S/S Atrato. In 1912 she was renamed Viking and in 1914, when she became an Armed Merchant Cruiser, HMS Viknor.

She was transferring some high-profile German prisoners from Kirkwall to Liverpool when she sank in heavy weather off the Irish coast.

No distress call was sent, and none of the 295 crew and passengers survived.

It was assumed she had hit one of some recently-laid mines.

Many of the bodies were washed ashore days after the sinking.

Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 11/08/2015

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