Richard Thomas Faulkner

Date of birth: 1887
Place of birth: Southampton
Service No.: K /4180
Rank: Leading Stoker
Vessel: HMS Queen Mary
Battalion: Royal Navy
Died: 6th November 1916 aged 23 years
Death location: At sea in the Battle of Jutland


Life before the War
Richard was the twelfth of 14 siblings born to Joseph and Sarah Anne, nee Jones.  Joseph was born in Worcestershire in 1839, and Sarah was born in Poole in 1844. They married in Southampton in 1863.  Joseph died in 1902, with Sarah passing away in 1924.

All 14 children (11 daughters and 3 sons) were born in Southampton.  The family lived in various addresses around Southampton but settled at 32 Chantry Road, St. Mary’s.

Richard’s siblings were:

Harriet Susan    b.1864 and d.1936 New Forest.  Married Richard Vivian in Southampton in 1882.  They had 2 sons, Edward Percy b.1885 and Frank Frederick b.1888.

Mary Elizabeth    b.1866 and d.1949 Southampton.

Margaret    b.1869 and d.1946 Winchester.  Married Charles Rivers in Southampton in 1894.  They had 5 children:
Herbert Henry b.1894, Nora b.1897, Charles George b.1898 and d.1902, Mary Elizabeth b.1900 and Donald M. b. 1909.

Grace Sarah (or Sarah Grace frequently)    b.1871 and d.1939 Southampton.  Married David Wakeling in Southampton in 1889 and then married Harry T. Wood in Southampton in 1924.  Grace had 6 children with David, one of whom died young:
David b.1891, William b.1896, Charles b.1897, Mary E. b.1900 and Joseph b.1907.

Elizabeth    b.1872 and d.1957 Southampton.  Married Alfred E. Windebank in Southampton in 1919.

Frances Louisa    b.1874 and d.1934 Southampton.

Florence    b.1876 but date of death not know.  Married Arthur Holloway in Southampton in 1900.

Emily    b.1877 and d.1958 Sheffield.  Married William Charles Sheldon in Southampton in 1902.

Joseph    b.1880 and sadly died in the same year.

Jane    b.1881.  No other details have been found.

Joseph    b.1883 and d.1948 Southampton.

Ellen May    b.1888.  No other details have been found.

Edith Kate    b. 1890 and d.1972 Brentwood, Essex.  Married Walter C. Williams in Southampton in 1916.

Service History
The Queen Mary was the last battlecruiser built before the outbreak of WW1, she was completed in 1913 and spent the early part of the war exclusively in the North Sea, as part of the 1st Battlecruiser Squadron.

The vessel had a refit in early 1915 and then participated in the Battle of Jutland in mid-1916.  She was hit twice by the German battlecruiser Derflinger during the early exchanges of the battle.  As a result her magazines exploded , sinking the ship.  Richard was amongst the 1266 who lost their lives.  Just 20 crew survived.

The wreck was discovered in 1991 in the North Sea and it is now a designated war grave.

Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Those who lost their lives on the Queen Mary are commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Richard’s name is on Panel No. 16.  This memorial was unveiled by the Duke of York (future King George VI) on the 15th October 1924.  Similar memorials stand at Plymouth and Chatham.

The Portsmouth memorial was extended after WW2 and was unveiled by the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, on 29 April 1953.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published.: 14th January 2015
Updated: Insert dates here

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