Neville Frank Lewington

Date of birth: 1898
Place of birth: Southampton
Service No.: 29910
Rank: Private
Regiment / Division: Somerset Light Infantry
Battalion: 1st
Died: 3rd May 1917 aged 19 years
Death location: Faubourg-d’Amiens Cemetery (Arras Memorial)


Life before the War
Neville was probably the fourth of 7 siblings born to Frank Alfred and Minnie Lewington who lived at 82 Richmond Road, Freemantle.

The doubt arises because records show that 2 siblings died as infants and they were probably born not long after the parents married in 1892.

Neville’s older sister Edith also died young, in 1908, aged only 13 years.

His siblings were:

Edith C.    b. 1895 – d. 1908
Ronald Alfred  b. 18.6.1899 – d. 1970 in Southampton
Margaret Alice  b. Oct 1900
Gertrude Annie Elizabeth  b. 1904.  Married William A. Brown in 1935.

Neville’s father lived until he was 81 years old, dying in 1941 in Bournemouth.  His mother, 10 years younger than her husband, outlived him by 14 years.  She died in 1953 in Southampton at the age of 85.

The family was probably quite well-off for the times because Frank is listed as owning his own building company.  Interestingly, he appears to have also been an undertaker at the same time!

War Service
There is no obvious reason why Neville enlisted in the Somerset Light Infantry.  He may well have joined at the same time the regiment became Prince Albert’s (Somerset Light Infantry) in 1912, as a 15yr old.

It can be assumed that he departed for France with the unit in August 1914 as part of the British Expeditionary Force’s 4th Infantry Division.

Neville would have spent his whole time on the Western Front, participating in most of the major battles.  He almost certainly met his end at the Battle of Arras which was fought between 9th April and 16th May 1917.

It appears that Neville’s body was never recovered because the only mention of him is on the Arras Memorial in the Faubourg-d’Amiens Cemetry near Arras.  His name is located in Bay 4, Course H, Stone 6.

Neville is related to three other Lewingtons named on the Cenotaph and Memorial Wall and also memorialised at Southampton Old Cemetery – Alfred Victor and his brother Bertram George were his cousins whilst William Arthur was his second cousin – they all shared a great-grandfather.  Please select the names of Alfred, Bertram and William to read their stories.


Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published.: 29th September 2014
Updated: Insert dates here

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One response to “Neville Frank Lewington

  1. Margaret Sargeant

    What an interesting experience! Thank you so much. I am the grand daughter of Frank Lewington whom I scarcely remember as I was only three years of age when he died but I remember Minnie Lewington who was my grandnother of course and who lived until I was fifteen years old. My mother,Gertrude,died in 2001 when I inherited her share of the family business which I still own.

    (Mrs) Margaret Sargeant.

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