Michael Johnson Hindmarch

Date of birth: 1863
Place of birth: Southampton
Service No.: Not known
Rank: Engineer Lieutenant
Vessel: RFA Lady Cory-Wright
Battalion: Royal Navy Reserve
Died: 26th March 1918 aged 55 years
Death location: At sea off The Lizard


Life before the War
Michael was the eldest of 4 siblings born to Michael and Betsy, nee Rogers.  He had a sister, Elizabeth Jane Rogers, and two brothers, Edmund and Herbert Arthur.

Michael Snr. was born in 1849 in South Shields, Betsy was born in 1841 in St. Helier.  They were in the same lodgings in Southampton at the 1861 Census, so it is fair to assume that they married later that year or in 1862.

Betsy died in 1901 and Michael in 1909, both in Southampton.

Michael Jnr. married Emily Eliza Hall Guard in Lambeth in 1884.  Emily was born in Christchurch in 1862 and died in 1930 in Southampton.

On 7 February 1889 Emily gave birth to a daughter, Emily Yardley, who was born in Bootle.  Emily Yardley married John Alfred Learmond Pechell (b.1888 Cork and d.1972 Salisbury) in Southamptom in 1914.  Michael and Emily’s daughter presented them with 2 grandsons, John M. (b.1915) and Alfred H. (b.1916 and d. 2004 Salisbury).

There is no trace of John, although he may have sailed to New York in 1955, but Alfred married Betty E. Forfar in 1949.

Service History
Despite being a reservist Michael was called to war in 1918.  The Lady Cory-Wright was built in 1906, as a cargo ship.  The vessel was requisitioned into the Royal Fleet Auxilliary as a mine carrier on 5 August 1914.

On 26 March 1918 the vessel was in the English Channel, on route from Plymouth to Malta.  She was loaded with 2762 mines, 370 depth charges, 2100 torpedo detonators and 1000 primers.  When about 14 miles off The Lizard, she was torpedoed by German submarine UC-17.  39 men lost their lives, only 1 survived…he was found clinging to a mine.

It is to be hoped that Michael was able to meet his grandchildren before he sailed on the fateful voyage.

Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Michael is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 30.


Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published.: 14th January 2015
Updated: Insert dates here

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