Maurice Henry Goodridge

Date of birth: 1895
Place of birth: Shirley, Southampton
Regiment: Gloucestershire
Battalion: 1/5th (T.F.)
Rank / Service No: Lance Corporal, 241766
Died: 16th August 1917, aged 22 years
Commemorated: Tyne Cot Memorial


This is a complicated family story, not least because both parents had been married previously and had children.


Maurice was the second of 3 siblings born to James and Jessie Goodridge (nee Spargo), who married in Southampton in 1894.


The family lived at 61 Chilworth Road at the 1911 Census, an address which may not have had the same cache as it does now.



Daisy Annie   b. 1894 Shirley   d. 1952 Southampton   Married Walter C. Hatcher in Southampton in 1917.

Maurice Henry 

Frederick Bertie   b. 1897 Shirley   d. 1954 Southampton   Married Rosina E. Smith in Southampton in 1917.


The three siblings had a total of 8 half-brothers. 3 born to James and 5 to Jessie.


Jessie Sanders had married William Spargo in Southampton in 1880 and they lived at 16 Chantry Road, St. Mary’s.


William had been born in the city in 1859 and he died in 1892……..



William   b. 1881 Southampton   d. 1948 Bournemouth   Married Ada E. Barter in Southampton in 1920.

John   b. 1884 Southampton   d. 1934 Bristol   Married Adelaida Hallett in Southampton in 1905.

Thomas   b. 1888 Southampton   d. 1893 Southampton

Charles Victor   b. 1889 Southampton   d. 1948 Southampton   Married Lillian E. Lane in Southampton in 1911.

Walter James   b. 1890 Southampton   d. 1892 Southampton


James had married Arabella Bricknell in Southampton in 1885 and they had 3 sons.


Arabella had been born in the city in 1861 and she passed away in 1892……



Alfred James   b. 2 June 1884 Southampton   d. 1965 Gosport   Married Lily Edith Curtis in Southampton in 1908.

Reginald William   b. 1887 Southampton   d. 1958 Christchurch   Married Cecily M. Brown in Southampton in 1944.

George Henry  b. 1890 Southampton   d. 1928 Salisbury   Married Eva F. White in Southampton in 1917.



The 1/5th Gloucestershires landed at Boulogne (from Folkestone) on 30 March 1915, and billeted near Cassel.

On 15 May, the battalion became part of the 145th Brigade in the 48th (South Midland) Division.


During 1916, the battalion suffered heavy casualties on 1 July when assaulting the Quadilateral (Heidenkpof), on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.


They were also in action at the Battle of Bazentin Ridge, where they captured Ovillers.


It was on 30 August that Maurice (then just a Private) received a gunshot wound to the face. He was treated by the No. 28 Ambulance team, who deemed it little more than a flesh wound !!


Maurice succumbed during the Battle of Passchendaele (Third Battle of Ypres), which was just before the division was dispatched to Italy.




Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 3rd August 2016


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