Matthias Charles Dowding

Date of birth: 1882
Place of birth: Christchurch
Regiment: Royal Engineers
Battalion: 90th Field Company
Rank / Service No: 2nd Corporal, 46174
Died: 22nd April 1918, aged 36 years
Buried: La Clytte Military Cemetery, Belgium


Matthias was the seventh of 10 siblings born to Matthias and Eliza Dowding who, according to the 1911 Census, married in 1878.

Eliza was born in Wimborne in 1850 and passed away in Bournemouth in 1933. Matthias was born in Burley on 12 February 1854, and he died in Bournemouth in 1936.



William   b. 1868 Poole d. ?? Born well before parents married, and no proof of birth.

Ada Eliza   b. 1870 Poole   d. 1933 Bournemouth   Again born well before parents marriage, and no proof of birth. Married to Robert James Dowding at 1911 Census ?!

Annie   b. 1872 Poole   d. ?? Same as above

George   b. 1875 Poole d. ??   Same as above

Matthias Charles   b. 1876 Poole   d. 1879 Bournemouth

Louisa Mary   b. 1880 Christchurch   d. 1939 Bournemouth   Married Thomas Edward Ridgley in Christchurch in 1902.

Matthias Charles

Edward James   b. 1884 Christchurch   d. 1969 Christchurch   Married Millie E. Tucker in Christchurch in 1914.

Ellen Florence   b. 1886 Christchurch   d. 1973 Croydon   Married Joseph Charles Harmer in Christchurch in 1910.

Harry Robert   b. 1888 Christchurch   d. ??


Matthias Charles married Lilian Violet Rollings in Bournemouth in 1899. The couple had 1 son……


George William Charles   b. 17 April 1900 Christchurch   d. 1921 Christchurch

George was living with grandparents at the 1911 Census.


Matthias then married Florence Ada McCoubrey in Southampton, in the fourth quarter of 1917.

Florence had been born Florence Walters, in Fordingbridge, in 1888. She married William Harry T. Mc Coubrey in Southampton in 1902, and they had 2 sons….


William Charles J.   b. 1905 Southampton   d. 1909 Southampton

Sydney   b. 1906 Southampton   d. 1906 Southampton


Not only did Florence lose her 2 sons in infancy, but her husband died in 1907. She then, of course, lost her second husband within 6 months of their marriage.


The 90th Field company of the Royal Engineers joined the 9th (Scottish) Division at Bordon near Aldershot in January 1915.

The Division proceeded to France between the 9th and 12th of May 1915 and was immediately in action at the Battle of Loos.


The battalion spent much of the war in Belgium, mostly on the Somme.


Matthias perished during the Battle of the Lys in April 1918, specifically from injuries received during the First Battle of Kemmel (17 – 19 April), when the 9th Scottish were part of XXII Corps.


Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 7th July 2016


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