Luke James Snow

Date of christening: 2nd April 1876
Place of birth:            Southampton
Rank:                             Greaser
Regiment:                    Mercantile Marine
Ship:                               SS Arcadian
Died:                              15th April 1917 aged 41
Death location:         26 miles NE from Milo

Military Service
The enlistment and service record of Luke James Snow has not survived.
His entry in the roll of honour states “ He was in the service at the outbreak of hostilities and during the war served in HMS Arcadian [SS Aracadian was built in 1899 for the Australian run and owned by Royal Mail Steam Packet Company] which was engaged on important duties in the Mediterranean. He lost his life when the ship was torpedoed” by the enemy submarine UC74 on 15th April 1917 whilst on passage to Salonika Alexandria, 279 lives lost, 35 of which were crew. Luke James was 41 years old and left behind a widow and three children. He is listed on Tower Hill memorial part V11.

He was awarded the general service medal and the mercantile marine medal in recognition of his service during the war.

The bronze Mercantile Marine War Medal featured King George V. The Mercantile Marine War Medal was established in 1919 and was awarded to people who had served in the Merchant Navy and who had made a voyage through a war zone or danger zone during the 1914-1918 war.
The silver British War Medal was awarded for service in World War One. Also called the British Empire campaign medal or general service medal was sometimes irreverently referred to as ‘Squeak’.

Life before the war
Luke James Snow was christened in Southampton on 2nd April 1876 the first son to William Snow born 1840, a Gas worker and Fanny nee Hellyar Born 1843, who had married on 27th April 1865 in Southampton.
They had a total of fifteen children but by 1911 six had died in infancy.
The following children of William and Fanny Snow are confirmed from parish records:
1.  Fanny Jane Snow was christened on 29th September 1867. In the second quarter of 1906 she married James Samuel Stevens. She died in 1933 aged 67.
2.  Elizabeth Ann Snow was born in 1868 and christened on 28th February 1869. At the time of the 1891 census she was employed as a dressmaker with her younger sister Susan Caroline (a general servant) to sea steward James Monk of The Royal Yacht Club House, Bugle street Southampton. In 1899 she married George Henry Bell. George Bell died aged 32 in 1903. In 1911 widowed, Elizabeth Ann Bell was the house mother at Kensington and Chelsea workhouse schools, Ewell in Surrey. They had one daughter; Susan born in 1898 who was not on the 1911 census
3.  Laura Martha Snow was christened on 3rd April 1870. In 1896 she married George Frank Hartup. Laura Martha Hartup died in 1955 aged 85.
4.  Susan Caroline Snow was christened on 4th February 1872. At the time of the 1881 census she was visiting her maternal grandparents at 15 Millbank Street. At the time of the 1891 census she was employed as a general servant with her older sister Eliza (a dressmaker) to sea steward James Monk of The Royal Yacht Club House, Bugle street Southampton. Susan Caroline Snow died in 1898 aged 26.
5.  Luke James Snow was christened on 2nd April 1876
6.  Henrietta Snow was christened on 24th February 1878. On 29th July 1906 at Battersea St Andrew in Wandsworth she married George Jetten. They had two sons. Henrietta Jetten died in 1917 aged 39.
7.  Edith Ellen Snow was born on 2nd January 1879 and christened on 30th March 1879. In 1904 she married Henry James Floyd. In 1911 they were living at 3 George Street Northam. They had two daughters. Edith Ellen Floyd died at the end of 1974 aged 95.
8.  Thomas Ernest Snow was christened on 4th March 1880. On 25th August 1901 employed as a fireman, he married Sarah Ann Walker at St Anne, South Lambeth. Thomas Ernest Snow died in 1963 aged 83.
9.  Charles John Snow was born in 1882 and christened on 9th February 1883. In 1909 he married Alice Mansbridge. They had two children. Alice died in 1931 aged 43. In 1939 he married Emily Henderson. Charles John Snow died at the end of 1952 aged 69.
10. William Arthur Snow was born on 28th December 1884 and christened on 27th March 1885. William Arthur Snow died at the end of 1942 aged 57.
11. Alfred Henry Snow was born in 1886. He died at the end of 1962 aged 76.

In 1871 the newly wed William and Fanny Snow were living at 4 Millbank Street, Southampton. William was employed as a mariner.
In 1881 the family were living at 24 Millbank Street, Southampton. They may not have moved house, the new number may have occurred as more homes were built on the same street. William was still employed as a mariner on a Yacht whist young Luke James Snow was at school with three of his six siblings.
In 1901 the family still lived at 24 Millbank Street, Northam, Southampton. Father William had changed profession and was employed as a gas stoker. The three gasometers are still standing in Southampton. Son Luke James was employed in general work.

Luke James married Agnes Mary Philips in the second quarter of 1904. Their marriage is registered in Southampton GRO reference Volume 2c page 76.
They had a total of three children:
1.  Alfred Snow was born in 1909
2.  Ivy Snow was born in 1912
3.  Arthur L was born in 1916

In 1911 Luke’s parents William, Fanny and two of their youngest sons were still at 24 Millbank Street with father William now a valve man at the gas works.
In 1911 newly wed Luke James and Agnes Mary, with their first child were living at 70 Grove Street, Southampton. Luke was employed as a ships fireman.
In 1917 when his wife Agnes was notified of his death she was living at 26 Radcliffe Road, Southampton.

His mother Fanny died in 1918 aged 74.
His father William died in 1923 aged 82

Researched by DHW – 1st July 2013
If you have any more information about the above named person, or any other name listed on this website or Southampton’s Cenotaph, please email, or telephone 023 8086 9599 and we will contact you. Many thanks.

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