Leonard Gordon Andrews

Date of birth: 1898
Place of birth: Southampton
Service No.: 203517
Rank: Private
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 2nd
Died: 30th November 1917 aged 19 years
Death location: Battle of Cambrai, France


Life before the War
Leonard was the seventh of 8 children born to Charles and Isabella Fanny, nee Sillence.  Both Charles and Isabella were born in Southampton, Charles in 1859 and Isabella in 1860.  They married in Romsey in 1880 and mostly lived at 43 Forster Road, Bevois Valley.  Charles died in Southampton in 1929 and Isabella passed away a year later.

All the children were born in Southampton.  Leonard’s 7 siblings were:

Elsie Annie  b.1881 and d.1964  Barnstaple.  Married Frank A. Duke in Southampton in 1927.

Charles George  b.1883 and d.1960 Winchester.  Married Mabel H. Short in Southampton in 1932.

Hedley Marcus  b. 1885  and d.1957 Southampton.  Married Evelyn N. Cook in Southampton in 1913.

Harold Godwin  b.1888 and d.1973 Southampton.  Married Mable Blanchard in Southampton in 1914.

Isabella Fanny  b. 1890 and d.1970 Romsey.  Married Frederick F. Ford in Southampton in 1913.

Alice Dorothy  b.1893 and d.1975 New Forest.  Married Norman C. Laughland in Southampton in 1919.

Nina Deborah   b.1900 and d.1992 New Forest.  Married John G. Morrison in Southampton in 1927.


Service history
The 2nd Hampshires took part in the 1915 Gallipoli campaign before departing from Alexandria in March 1916, bound for Marseilles and action on the Western Front.

It can be assumed that Leonard perished during the Battle of Cambrai, which commenced on 20 November.  The battle was based on a  British offensive and a German counter-offensive in the north of France.  The initial effort was given over to capturing Bourton Ridge, something that was finally achieved on 28 November, despite over 16,000 shells being fired onto the ridge by the Germans on that day.

Huge casualties were suffered by both sides with an estimated 47,000 British soldiers perishing in the area between 20 November and 8 December 1917.


Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 9th March 2015
Updated: Insert dates here

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