Leonard George

Leonard was born in 1901 in Southampton, and in 1911 he was living with his parents Thomas and Catherine Elizabeth George, his older brother and sister, and his grandmother in at 52 Northbrook Road, Southampton.

Leonard is believed to be the youngest person to be commemorated on Southampton Cenotaph. At just 15 years old he was lost at sea whilst serving in the Mercantile Marine. He died on the 21st November 1916 whist serving as a scullion on HMHS Britannic, which was sunk in the Kea Channel. Just off the mainland of Greece.

The Britannic was a hospital ship and sister ship to RMS Titanic and RMS Olympic, it was likely to have been struck by a mine laid by a German submarine. The ship took 55 minutes to sink and made history as the largest ship to be sunk in WW1.

Over 1000 people were on board at the time with the majority of its crew and passengers surviving. Leonard was one of the 30 people (21 crew and 9 others) who died when the Britannic sank.

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