Joseph Percival Gradidge

Date of birth: 1887
Place of birth: St Denys, Southampton
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 10th
Rank / Service No: Private, 10136
Died: 10th August 1915, aged 15 years
Commemorated: Helles Memorial,Turkey)


Joseph, a cabinet maker, was the sixth of 8 siblings born to George Frederick and Eliza Maria Gradidge (nee Betts), who married in Southampton in 1875.


The family appear to have lived around St. Denys / Bevois Valley continuously, latterly residing at 23 Clausentum Road.


George, a French polisher, was born in Southampton in 1845 and died in the city in 1905.

Eliza was also born in the city, in 1852. She passed away in 1926, in Southampton.



Ada Annie A.   b. 1876 Southampton   d. 1954 Southampton

George Ernest   b. 1878 Southampton   d. 1881 Southampton

Emmeline Eliza   b. 1880 Southampton   d. 1882 Southampton

Ernest JOHN   b. 1882 Southampton   d. 1955 Southampton. Left £1950 2s 11d to his sister Elsie

Ethel Theresa   b. 1885 Southampton   d. 1929 Epsom   Married Bertram Lawrence Pepper in Southampton in 1909.

Joseph Percival

William Clement   b. 1890 Southampton   d. 1951 Droxford

Elsie Maude   b. 1893 Southampton   d. 20 November 1955 Southampton. Left £1911 17s 2d to Derek George Pepper.


The 10th (Service) battalion was formed at Winchester in August 1914, as part of the K1 New Army. It moved immediately to Dublin and was attached to the 10th (Irish) Division.


The 10th Hants was transferred to the 29th Brigade in the 10th (Irish) Division in March 1915, and they moved to Basingstoke in May.

The Brigade sailed from Liverpool on 7 July 1915, and landed at Anzac Cove on 6 August.


Within a matter of days, the Brigade was involved in very heavy fighting with huge numbers of Turks at Sari Bair.


Not only did Joseph lose his life during this engagement, but the Battalion lost the majority of its fighting strength during the short time it was on the Peninsula.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 4th August 2016


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