Joseph Patrick Doran

Date of birth: 14th March 1880
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Royal Air Force
Squadron: Kalafrana Shore Base
Rank / Service No: Private, 233242
Died: 1st October 1918, aged 38 years
Buried: Addolorata Cemetery, Malta (E.V.D.9)


Joseph was the youngest of 9 siblings born to William Alfred and Sarah Jane Doran (nee Russell), who married in Southampton in 1868.

Both parents were born in 1839, William in Cornwall and Sarah in Southampton. Sarah passed away in the city in 1906, William in 1924.

All the children were born in Southampton.



Ann Jessie   b. 1869   d. 1869 Southampton

James William   b. 1870   d. 1871 Southampton

James William   b. 1871   d. 1939 New Forest

Mary Josephine   b. 1872   d. 1953 Southampton

Susanna Margaret   b. 1873   d. 1959 Southampton

Ellen   b. 1874   d. 1913 Wigan   Married John Latham in Wigan in 1904.

Eliza Jessie   b. 1876   d. 1961 Droxford

John Gillan   b. 1878   d. 1962 Southampton

Joseph Patrick


Joseph was a Bank Clerk, who evidently led a bit of a nomadic life. He is shown as living in boarding houses in Islington on both the 1901 and 1911 Census returns.


He was originally in the Royal Navy, from 11 July 1917 until March 1918. He was based entirely in the UK, at various shore bases.

Records show him being transferred to the RAF in March 1918.


RAF Kalafrana was a seaplane operations centre on the southern-most tip of Malta, from 1917 until 1946.

A slipway and hangers were constructed between 1915 & 1916 and seaplanes were flown over from England.

Facilities were soon in place to assemble seaplanes from kits on site, and the planes spent most of their time in an anti-submarine role.


Joseph died in St Andrews Hospital on the island, so it must be assumed that he must have succumbed to illness.


Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 6th July 2016


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