John George McFeat

Date of birth: 1889
Place of birth: Southampton
Date of marriage: 10th January 1912
Place of marriage: Southampton
Service No.: Not known
Rank: Fireman
Service: Mercantile Marine
Vessel: HMHS Britannic (Liverpool)
Died: 21st November 1916 aged 27 years
Death location: At sea


Life before the War
John was the 2nd of 6 children born to parents John and Jane.  John senior was born in 1864 Portsea, Hampshire.  Jane was from Southampton and born 1867.  John and Jane married in 1886.  After her husband’s death, Jane married again to George Bullmore in 1912.  Jane died on the 10th January 1926.

John junior’s siblings – 3 sisters and 2 brothers – were:

Eva Ellen b.1887.  Married 1907 to Frank Wellington.

Edward George b.1891

George b.1893 d.1940

Alice b.1902

Ivy b.1905

In the 1891 census, Jane with her 2 children lived at 17 Grove Street, St. Mary’s Parish, Southampton.  Her husband was away at sea.

Staying in the same street for the 1901 census, Jane with her children had moved to number 20.  Her husband is again at sea when the census was recorded.  Jane was employed as a Charwoman.

By 1911 Jane was a widow, still living at 20 Grove Street.  Her son John was a Labourer whilst her son Edward was a Seaman.

Following John’s marriage to Ellen Louisa Lewis on 10th January 1912 they had three children:

John G born 1st October 1912 and died 1963

Dora Eva born 21st July 1914

Edward George b.1916 and d.1918

After her husband died Ellen married again to William G Bartlett on 19th December 1918.  Ellen died in 1948 and her husband William died in 1968.


Tower Hill Memorial

Tower Hill Memorial

War Service
John is Remembered with Honour on the Mercantile Marine Memorial, Tower Hill, London. The Memorial reads:

“Mcfeat, Frmn. John George. H.M.H.S. “Britannic” (Liverpool). Killed by a mine 21st Nov., 1916. Age 27. Son of Jane and the late Mr. McFeat; husband of Ellen Louisa McFeat (nee Lewis), of 19, Bevois St., Southampton. Born at Southampton”

He is also remembered on both the Southampton Cenotaph and Memorial Wall.



Historical information – HMHS Britannic
The Britannic was a sister ship to the RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic and built as a transatlantic passenger liner.  She was launched before the start of the Great War and was laid up for many months before being put to use as a hospital ship in 1915.  She was shaken by an explosion caused by an underwater mine in the Kea Channel off the Greek Island of Kea on the morning of 21st November 1916 and sunk with the loss of 30 lives.

There were 1,066 people on board with 1,036 survivors taken from the water and lifeboats; roughly an hour later, at 9:07 a.m., the ship sank. In spite of Britannic being the biggest ship lost during the First World War her sinking was not as costly in terms of loss of human life as were the sinking of RMS Titanic and Cunard’s RMS Lusitania or many ships lost during the First World War.


Researcher: Becky Lonergan
Published: 29th June 2015
Updated: Insert dates here

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2 responses to “John George McFeat

  1. Adam C

    Dear Becky Lonergan,

    I would like to know if you are still the main person to contact regarding this article as I have further information, including war medals for John George Mcfeat.

    After countless hours of research, I have found out he was my great great grandfather. Our family still lives in Southampton.



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