James Alfred O. Linklater

Date of birth: 1889
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Royal Field Artillery
Battalion: 7th Division H.Q.
Rank / Service No: Driver, 42834
Died: 12th November 1918, aged 29 years
Buried: Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Italy (Plot II, Row A, Grave 15)


James was probably the oldest of 6 siblings born to James and Alice Linklater.


There is some doubt as to who Alice is; there is no death record, although she does appear in two Census. It does also appear that she was born in Southampton in 1865.


James Snr. was born in Bombay on 15 December 1864. It is not known when he came to England, but the family lived in Aldershot for many years, which makes James’ birthplace somewhat suspect.


James died in Andover in 1946.



James Alfred O.

Dorothy Daisy   b. 1890 Aldershot   d. 1893 Aldershot

Percy Lawrence   b. 30 April 1894 Aldershot   d. 1897 Aldershot

Maurice John   b. 10 June 1898 Aldershot   d. 26 June 1955 San Francisco  Arrived in 1920 and was married to a Mary.

Alice Laura   b. 16 August 1900 Aldershot   d. 1986 Southampton   Married Robert A. Harding in Southampton in 1919.

Percy   b. 1910 Portsmouth   d. ??   Married Lily F. M. Harfield (d. 1936) in Petersfield in 1935.


Interestingly, James was boarding with the Jones family at 1 Hamilton Place, Blechlynden Terrace in Southampton at the 1911 Census.


He left all of his effects to one Grace Mathieson, who was born in Southampton on 9 October 1895 and passed away in the city in 1981.

She married Charles A. Lovejoy in 1920.



The 7th Division moved from the Third Battle of Ypres to Italy in January 1918.


They (and 4 other divisions) were deployed to stiffen Italian resistance to the Austria-Hungary enemy.

They took up positions along the River Piave. In October 1918 the 7th played a central role in crossing the Piave, at the Battle of Vittoria Veneto (24 October – 3 November) and the eventual defeat of the Austria-Hungary empire.


From November 1917, Genoa was a base for Commonwealth forces and the 11th General & the 38th / 51st stationary Hospitals.


The city’s cemetery holds 230 Commonwealth burials from WW1.


It should be noted that James date of death is 1 day after the Armistice was signed.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 7th November 2016


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