Jack Henry Fuidge

Date of birth: 1897
Place of birth: Highfield, Southampton
Regiment: Royal Engineers
Battalion: 1st Field Survey Coy.
Rank / Service No: Sapper, 187327
Died: 23rd April 1918, aged 21 years
Buried: Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, France (Plot III, Row B, Grave 60)


Jack was the youngest of 7 siblings born to Charles Strickland and Juliana Eliza Fuidge (nee Swanson), who married in Fareham in 1884.

The family lived at 7 Silverdale Road, Upper Shirley.


There was an amazing 21 years age gap between the two parents; Charles was born in Fareham in 1840 and Juliana in Liverpool in 1861.

Charles, who worked for Ordnance Survey, died in Southampton in 1927. Juliana passed away in the city in 1940.


Charles had married Catherine Augusta Collins in Southampton on 7 September 1862 and they had 7 children; the family lived at 39 York Street in St. Mary’s.


Catherine was born in 1840 in Southampton and she passed away in the city in 1882.


Charles & Catherine siblings

Edwin Charles   b. 1863 Southampton   d. 1889 Southampton

George   b. 1866 Southampton   d. 1953 Romsey   Married Emily Elizabeth Beeching in Lambeth in 1889. Worked at Ordnance Survey (2 children).

Emily Kate   b. 1868 Southampton   d. ??   In Bury at 1891 Census……..

Rosina Lucy   b. 1870 Southampton   d. 1931 Southampton   Married Maurice Steel in Southampton in 1897.

Frederick John   b. 1872 Southampton   d. 1951 Southampton   Married Ada Eliza Maryon in Southampton in 1896 (1 child).

Julia Valentine   b. 1875 Southampton   d. 1954 New Forest   Married Ernest Saunders in Southampton in 1899 (4 children).

Violet Annie   b. 13 December 1877 Southampton   d. 2 January 1921 Syracuse, New York. Married Frank George Rothwell, who was born 24 May 1883 in Syracuse.


Charles & Juliana siblings

Lacy Swanson   b. 1885 Highfield   d. 1886 Highfield

Stafford William   b. 1887 Highfield   d. 1972 Newcastle   Married Mary L. Watson in Newcastle in 1964.

David Eversley   b. 1888 Highfield   d. 1968 Tiverton

Dorothy   b. 20 April 1890 Highfield d. 4 January 1956 New Jersey   Married George Ide in Southampton in 1916 (3 children).

Charles Swanson   b. 1892 Highfield   d. 1893 Highfield

Susanna Ruth b. 1893 Highfield   d. 1971 Southampton   Married Arthur McGown in Southampton in 1923.

Jack Henry


Bearing in mind his father’s occupation, it was no great surprise that Jack enlisted in a surveying and mapping battalion.

The battalion was in the 1st Army and was responsible for surveying the area between the Franco-Belgian border and the Loos-Lens sector.


The battalion comprised “H”, “L”, “P”, “T”, “Y”, “Z” sound ranging sections and Nos. 4, 10, 11, 18 & 21 observation groups.


Aubigny was held by Commonwealth troops from March 1916 until the Armistice and burials were made in the cemetery extension until September 1918.

The 42nd Casualty Clearing Station buried in it during the whole period, whilst other C.C.S’ used it at intervening times during the period.


The Extension holds 2,771 Commonwealth WW1 burials.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 19th July 2016


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