Henry Herman Casper Heistermann

Date of birth: 1873
Place of birth: Poplar, London
Regiment: Royal Army Service Corps
Battalion: Light Div. Mechanical Transport Coy.
Rank / Service No: Private, T4/083595
Died: 8th November 1919, aged 47 years
Buried: Cologne Southern Cemetery, Germany (Plot IV, Row F, Grave 5)


Henry was the fifth of 7 siblings born to William and Johanna Heistermann (nee Hartung).


Both parents were born in Germany in 1836 and lived in Poplar from approximately 1860.


William died in Poplar in 1903, with Johanna passing away 3 years later.



Anna Matilda   b. 1859 Germany   d. 26 June 1944 Dartford Hospital. Left £1787 7s to her brother William Augustus.

Johanna Wilhelmine   b. 1863 Poplar   d. ??   Married Johann Bamer in Poplar on 7 May 1888.

Clementine Anna   b. 1865 Poplar   d. ??   Married Philip Jacob Heddesheimer in Poplar on 31 May 1888.

William Augustus Albert b. 1867 Poplar   d. 6 February 1947 Churchdown, Gloucs.

Henry Herman Casper

Herman Ernest   b. 1875 Poplar   d. 1875 Poplar

Arthur Herman Casper   b. 1876 Poplar   d. ??


Henry married Eliza Elizabeth Pugh in Poplar on 22 February 1896. The couple had 7 children and lived at 29 Morant Street, Poplar from 1910 – 1915.

The family moved to Southampton in early 1916, living initially at 38 Leighton Road, Shirley.


Eliza was born in Limehouse in 1876 and she passed away in the New Forest in 1956; she was living at 3 Blighmont Avenue, Millbrook in 1921.


Henry William   b. 1897 Poplar   d. 7 September 1916 France   A Private in the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (#19086), K.I.A.

Edward   b. 1899 Poplar   d. 5 December 1960 London Married Violet Mabel Mitchell in Poplar in 1921.

Victor Charles   b. 19 February 1902 Poplar   d. 2 January 1965 Portsmouth   Married Kathleen Amelia Coates in Portsmouth in 1931.

Gladys Anna   b. 1903 Poplar   d. 1927 New Forest   Married Robert H. Willis in Southampton in 1919.

Doris   b. 1905 Poplar   d. 1989 Victoria, Australia   Married Ernest John Adcock in Southampton in 1929. The family arrived in Sydney in 1952…Ernest died in Australia in 1988.

Frederick William   b. 1906 Poplar   d. 1 June 1921 Cork   Buried in Hollybrook Cemetery.

A member of the Hampshire Regimental band….marching with a party of the Regiment in Youghal, Co. Cork when Irish “rebels” electrically exploded a land mine under the group.

6 were killed, including Frederick and one other youth.

Leslie   b. 1908 Poplar   d. ??


The only information gleaned about Henry’s military history is that he was sent to France in 1915.


Commonwealth forces entered Cologne on 6 December 1918 and stayed until January 1926.


Henry’s headstone reads: “Thy will be done.”



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 28th September 2016


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