Henry Charles Jasper

Date of birth: 1877
Place of birth: St Helier, Jersey
Regiment / Division: Mercantile Marine
Vessel: SS Connaught
Rank / Service No: Able Seaman
Died: 3rd March 1917, aged 39 years
Commemorated: Tower Hill Memorial


Henry was the fourth of 6 known siblings born to William John and Ann Elizabeth Jasper.


There is no known proof of the marriage between the couple, therefore Ann’s maiden name is not known. If they did marry it was before 1863, based on the birth of the oldest child.


It is known that the couple had 7 children, so it must be assumed that one died in infancy.


William was born on Jersey in 1839 and died before the 1911 Census. Ann was also born on the island, in 1843, and she passed away in Southampton in 1924.



Elizabeth (Eliza) A.   b. 1863 St. Helier   d. ??

Selena J.   b. 1866 St. Helier   d. ??

William John  b. 5 June 1868 Plymouth   d. 1930 Cornwall   Married Frances M. Cowling in Cornwall in 1917.

Henry Charles

Herbert George   b. 1880 St. Helier   d. ??   Married Maud Kathleen Keeping on Jersey on 25 April 1915.

Florence Maud   b. 1881 St. Helier   d. 1940 Southampton   Married Albert William Pitman in 1901 (living in Camberley at 1911 Census).


Henry married Mabel Bessie Beavis in Southampton in 1913. Mabel was born in the city in 1887 and the couple had one child and lived at 37 Threefield Lane, St. Mary’s.


Leslie   b. 29 December 1914 Southampton   d. 1993 Southampton   Married Gladys E. Clark in Southampton in 1947….Leslie was also a Merchant Seaman.

Mabel passed away in the city in 1964.



Connaught was built in Birkenhead in 1897. The vessel was commandeered in 1915 and used as a troop carrier.


Having transported troops to Le Havre from Southampton on 2 March 1917, she was torpedoed on the starboard side by U-48 at 13.45 on the return trip.

The ship’s wireless was disabled, so a S.O.S could not be transmitted.


15 minutes later a second torpedo struck the port side, and the crew took to the lifeboats.


Connaught sank within four minutes of the second torpedo striking and 3 crew lost their lives, including Henry.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 3rd October 2016


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