Harry Robert Grant

Date of birth: 5th July 1884
Place of birth: Sholing, Southampton
Regiment: Royal Air Force
Rank / Service No: ?, 190295
Died: 19th January 1919, aged 34 years
Buried: Southampton (Hollybrook) Cemetery


There is very little detail available as to the career and the death of Harry. All that is known is that he enlisted in the RAF on 30 May 1918; it is unlikely that he ever went abroad on assignment.


Harry was the fourth of 6 siblings born to Robert HARRY E. and Emily JANE Grant (nee Cole), who married in Southampton in 1874.


The family are known to have lived at 1 South View Road, Bitterne.


Harry was born in Lyndhurst in 1847 and died in Southampton in 1918.

Jane was born in Ringwood in 1848 and it is not known when she passed away.



Annie Sophia   b. 1874 Southampton   d. 1940 Camberwell (maybe an air raid ?) Married William Bishop Flood in Southampton in 1897 (3 children).

Florence Amelia   b. 1877 Southampton   d. 1953 Southampton Married Frank Henry Cobb in Southampton in 1898.

Thomas Edward   b. 4 August 1881 Sholing   d. 1952 Gosport   Married Ellen Amelia Fielder in Fareham in 1908.

Harry Robert

Benjamin James   b. 1887 Sholing   d. 1968 Southampton

Fred   b. 1888 St. Mary’s   d. 1896 Southampton


Harry married Lydia Frances Lucy White in Southampton on 26 December 1910; it is not believed the couple had any children.


Lydia was born in Southampton in 1886; she married Thomas Wise in 1919.

She passed away in the city in 1954.




Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 4th August 2016


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