Harry Adolphus Eden

Date of birth: 6th October 1885
Place of birth: Southampton
Date of marriage: 4th March 1911
Place of marriage: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Service No.: 463616
Rank: Private
Regiment / Division: Quebec Regiment / Canadian Infantry
Battalion: 14th battalion
Died: 26th September 1916 aged 31 years
Death location: Courcelette, France


Before the War
Harry was born at the Red Lion Hotel, Bitterne, Southampton on 6th October 1885, to John William (04/07/1836 – 29/01/1902) and Alice Eden (nee Savage 27/10/1843 – 01/04/1925).  He was the youngest of 13 children.  Harry’s parents were married in Portsea Island, Hampshire on 26th August 1861.

Harry’s 12 older siblings were:

Frank 30th April 1862  to  1864
Eva Ann 11th November 1863  to  9th January 1930
Eva Ann married Frederick Herbert (1862 – 1889), on 5th May 1887.   She married widower John Payne (1854 – 1908), on 31st October 1889 and they lived at 67 Fern Street, Bow, Middlesex.   Eva married again in 1915 to John H Tompkins and, at the time of her death on 9th January 1930, she was still living at 67 Fern Street.  There was a probate on 8th February 1930 and she left her effects to her son John Frederick Eden Payne.
Charles Albert 20th October 1865  to  1866
Arthur Frost 15th January 1867  to  19th November 1935
Arthur married Lydia Haynes in 1885.  He joined the Territorial Force 5/5 Hampshire Regiment on 29th December 1914, aged 47.  When Arthur died he left his effects to his daughter, Myee.
Hilda Alice 23rd December 1868  to  1869
Annie 11th March 1870  to  9th December 1948
Annie married Alfred Money (1863 – 1933), in 1888 and in 1911 they lived in Bitterne, Southampton.
Emma 11th April 1875  to  1944
Emma married George Charles Dumbleton (1870 – 1953), on 3rd July 1901 and in 1911 they lived in Bromley by Bow.  When they passed away they were living in Southampton.
Phoebe 11th July 1877  to  1878
Thomas 6th October 1878  to  1878
Margaret 9th December 1879
Margaret married George Hewlett in Southampton in 1905.   George emigrated to Canada in July1905 and Margaret joined him in April 1906.
Alfred 20th April 1882  to  1970
Alfred married Ethel Shuker Goodeve (1884 – 1887), in 1908 and in 1911 they lived in Bitterne, Southampton.
George John 25th May 1883  to  30th November 1957
George John married Eliza Margaret Shelley (1880 – 1958), in 1907 and in 1911 they lived in Woolston, Southampton.


On both the 1881 and 1891 census the family is living at the Red Lion Hotel, High Street, Bitterne, Southampton.  In 1881 Harry’s father is working as a Licensed Victualler and in 1891 he is the Hotel Keeper.

The 1901 census shows Harry is still living at High Street, Bitterne, Southampton, with his parents, sister Margaret and brothers Alfred and John.  Harry’s father is a Licensed Victualler.  Alfred is working as a Saddlers Apprentice and John is a clerk at the Ordnance Survey.

Harry’s father died 29th January 1902 and his effects were left to his wife Alice.

By the 1911 census Harry’s mother Alice is visiting Robert and Emmie Beyeler at 51 Ludlow Road, Itchen, Southampton.

Harry emigrated to Canada and probably followed his sister Margaret, but the actual date is not clear and evidence cannot be found.

On 4th March 1911 Harry married Phyllis Hughes (16/06/1888 – 25/04/1967), in Vancouver, Canada.

Phyllis was born in England to Phillip and Rose Hughes (nee Virtue).  Her parents were married in Bristol in 1886.  On the 1891 census Phyllis is living at an orphanage, 2 Barwick Street, Bath.  Her mother is living with her grandmother in South Glamorgan.  On the 1901 census Phyllis is living in Bristol and the census states she is adopted.  Her mother died in 1901.

Phyllis sailed from Liverpool aboard S S Empress of Britain and arrived in Quebec on 15th May 1909.  She died on 24th April 1967 in Burnaby and her niece was the informant on the death certificate.  Phyllis was buried on 28th April 1967 at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Burnaby, Vancouver.

Military History
Harry enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force, at Vernon British Columbia, on 21st August 1915.

The Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) was formed in Canada from August 1914 onwards.

By the end of the war more than 250 battalions had been formed.  Although most battalions made it as far as England, only a few served in France and Flanders.  The others were usually disbanded at a Training Depot in England, and the men sent as reinforcements to the CEF in France.

On Harry’s casualty card it states that on or since 26th September 1916 he was:

“Previously reported wounded and missing, now for Official purposes presumed to have died”

At the time he was serving in 14th Battalion, 1st Quebec Regiment and they were in the vicinity of Courcelette.

At the beginning of September 1916 the Canadian Corps moved from Ypres to the Somme river region and were involved in the Battle of Flers-Courcelette.  This was their first major battle in the Somme and after 11 weeks, were victorious.

Harry was awarded the 1914 – 1915 Star, the Victory and the British War medals.

In the Canadian Expeditionary Force’s Commonwealth War Graves Register, there is an Exhumation and Burial Report dated 10th September 1937, for Harry’s burial at London Cemetery Extension, High Wood Longueval, France. Grave reference:  4. D. 27

The original cemetery was begun in September 1916 and was extended when remains were brought from surrounding battlefields.  It is the third largest on the Somme.

The Courcelette Canadian Memorial was built to honour the Canadian Corps.  The inscription reads:


The Courcelette Memorial is just south of the village of Courcelette and is surrounded by hedges and a variety of Maple trees.

Researcher: Jackie Chandler
With grateful thanks to Susan, Geoff and Margaret for their help in completing the story.
Published.: 17th June 2014
Updated: Insert dates here

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