Harold Charles Dyett Medley

Date of birth:               1885PoppiesPlace of birth:              Romsey, Hampshire
Died:                                29th November 1916 aged 31 years
Death Location:          Riverside Hospital Virginia New Orleans Mexico

Life before the War

Harold’s name on his birth index shows him as Charles Dyett H Medley.

His father was Charles who was also born in Romsey in 1855 and died in 1945 Southampton. Julia nee Blake was born in Over Wallop, Hampshire and died in 1940. Charles and Julia were married in 1884 Southampton. He had the following siblings:

Geoffrey Blake b.1889 d.1982

Nora Vera b. 1887, married 1927, d.1944. Nora left a Probate

“Hart Nora Vera of Mabregdore Sandbanks Road Parkstone Dorsetshire (wife of George Hart) died 19 March 1944. Probate Llandudno 10 July to Geoffrey Blake Medley transport manager and Cecil Thomas Medley resident inspector of insurance. £584 2s 2d”

 Cecil Thomas b.11th September 1895, married 1922, d.1948. Cecil’s Probate read:

“Medley Cecil Thomas of Little Steps 15 The Avenue Andover Hampshire died 21 August 1948. Probate Winchester 2 November to Gladys Minnie Medley widow Raymond Harold Thomas Medley bank clerk and Howard Blake Medley engineer. Effects £2630 7s 8d”

Cecil served with the Gloster Regiment and Royal Air Force and was awarded the British Service and Victory Medals which were sent to him at 27, West Street, Wilton Wiltshire.

Gladys Julia b.1898 d.1960

“Medley Gladys Julia of 29 Colebrook Avenue Southampton died 9 June 1960 at High Street West End Southampton. Administration Winchester 26 May 1965 to Geoffrey Blake Medley retired transport manager. £1536”

In 1891, the family were at Brunswick House, Romsey, Hampshire. Nora was living with her grandmother, Emily Blake.

By 1901, they had moved into Southampton and living at Onslow Road. Charles was “living on his own means” whilst Harold was working as an Ironmonger’s Clerk.

The family moved again by 1911, and were at 9, Hanley Road, Shirley. Charles states he is a Retired Wine and Spirit Merchant, Harold was employed as a Marine Engineer, both Geoffrey and Cecil were employed by Estate Agents, Geoffrey as an Agent and Cecil a Junior Clerk.

Harold’s National Probate

“Medley Harold Charle Dyett of 9 Hanley Road Shirley Southampton died 27 August 1916 at Riverside Hospital Virginia New Orleans Mexico. Administration London 29 November 1916 to Charles Medley wine and spirit merchant. Effects £139 3s 8d”

Although no Service Records can be found for him, Harold is Remembered with Honour on the Southampton Cenotaph and Memorial Wall.


Researched by Becky Lonergan October 2013

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