George Thomas Knight

Date of birth: 1899
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Royal Air Force
Rank / Service No: Air Mechanic, 68432
Died: 16th July 1918, aged 19 years
Buried: Hollybrook Cemetery, Southampton (B.4.60)


George was the seventh of 13 siblings born to Arthur Frederick Knight. The first three children of Arthur’s have an unknown mother, although it could be that his wife had them before the marriage.


Arthur married Edith Wood in Mile End on 16 December 1894. The family moved to Southampton in 1896.


Arthur, a cooper by trade, was born in Clapham in 1861 and he died in Southampton in 1932.

Edith was born in Mile End in 1869 and it is not known when she passed away.



Grace E.   b. 1885 Poplar   d. 1968 Winchester

Lucy Sarah   b. 1887 Poplar   d. 1953 Southampton   Married Edwin Gulliford in Southampton in 1916.

Arthur Frederick   b. 17 June 1888 Montreal   d. 1964 Southampton   Married Maggie M. Aaron in Southampton in 1915. Married Lilian L. Askew in Hackney in 1930.

Leonard   b. 28 September 1895 Bromley   d. 1981 Southampton

Mabel Florence   b. 1896 Southampton   d. 1918 Southampton

Maud Eliza   b. 10 November 1897 Southampton   d. 1992 Southampton aged 95 years Married Charles J. Kimber in Southampton in 1930.

George Thomas

Edmund Albert   b. 1900 Southampton   d. 1969 Southampton   Married Annie M. Cherritt in Southampton in 1925.

Donald Roy   b. 18 December 1901 Southampton   d. 1985 Southampton

Alexander   b. 1903 Southampton   d. 1936 Southampton

Harold Edward   b. 5 June 1904 Southampton   d. 1974 Southampton   Married Gertie E. KATHLEEN Lampard in Southampton in 1933.

Cecil   b. 1907 Southampton   d. 1979 Basingstoke

Gwendoline Frances   b. 1910 Southampton   d. 1963 Gosport



There are no details about George’s career in the RAF. It came into being on 1 April 1918, so he had only been a part of it for 6 months.


It is known that George died from injuries sustained in an accident.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 6th October 2016


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