George Henry John Doe

Date of birth: 28th September 1879
Place of birth: Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Regiment / Division: Royal Naval Reserve
Vessel: HMS Terrible
Rank / Service No: Deck Hand, 4884/SD
Died: 18th September 1916, aged 36years
Buried: Hollybrook Cemetery (B.2.107)


George was the elder of 2 siblings born to George and Amelia Doe (nee Dore), who married in Yarmouth in 1877.

George Snr was a Mariner, born in Lymington in 1857, one of 11 children. He died in Yarmouth in 1919.

Amelia was born in Yarmouth in 1859 and she passed away in Dorchester in 1927.


The couple had a daughter, May Eveline, who was born in Yarmouth in 1882. She passed away in Christchurch in 1954.


George Henry married Ada Maud Gear in Southampton in 1911. Ada was born in Millbrook in 1879 and she passed away in Southampton in 1933.

Sources show that the couple had a daughter, Phyllis R., born in Southampton in 1916. No other records are available, strangely, but there must be the chance that George never met his daughter.


HMS Terrible was launched from Clydebank on 27 May 1895, as an armoured cruiser, and she served in China with her sister ship Powerful.

Crews from the two ships took part in suppressing the Boxer Rebellion in China in 1900.


After 1904, both vessels were laid up, as an economy measure.


During WW1 most of their armaments were removed and they served as troop transports and, later, as accommodation ships.


After the war, Terrible was renamed “Fisgard III” in August 1920 and converted to a training ship; she was scrapped in 1932.


George died in Portsmouth, of an unknown illness.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 6th July 2016


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