Frederick George Holly

Date of birth: 1883
Place of birth: St. Mary’s, Southampton
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 2nd (“Z” Coy.)
Rank / Service No: Private, 14554
Died: 6th August 1915, aged 32 years
Commemorated: Helles Memorial, Turkey


Frederick was the fifth of 7 siblings born to John and Ann Holly (nee Hyde), who married in Alderbury, Wiltshire on 14 November 1870.


Ann Bruton had married George Hyde on 10 October 1866 in Salisbury. It is not known why the relationship stopped, but the couple did produce 2 children.


Half Siblings

William   b. 1867 Salisbury   d. 1932 Southampton

Georgina   b. 1868 Salisbury   d. ??   Married Joseph Wilson in Southampton in 1890.


Interestingly, Ann had been born in Southampton in 1848 and John had been born in Salisbury in 1849.


It is not known when Ann passed away, but John died in Portswood in 1903.



Thomas John   b. 1871 Salisbury   d. 1888 Southampton

Walter ERNEST  b. 1874 Salisbury   d. ?? Married Eleanor (Nellie) Cousens in Southampton in 1897.

Clara Rose   b. 1879 Southampton   d. 1932 Southampton Married Henry James Toms in Southampton in 1902.

Alfred JAMES   b. 1881 Southampton   d. 1955 Willesden Married Florence A. Archdeacon in Portswood in 1905.

Frederick George 

Herbert SIDNEY   b. 1885 Southampton   d. 1 September 1918 France   Married Muriel Kate Taylor in Portswood in 1905. See separate story.

Jesse Charles   b. 1887 Southampton   d. 1962 Southampton   Married Ellen Isabella Alexander in Portswood in 1908.


Frederick married Annie Frances Ellen Davis in Portswood in 1907. The couple had 2 sons and were living at 61 Forster Road, Portswood at the 1911 Census.

After Frederick’s death, Annie and the 2 boys moved to Liverpool. It’s not immediately obvious why they did this; Annie was born in Southampton in 1878, and there’s no other family connection.


Annie passed away in Liverpool in 1945.


Leslie Frederick  b. 1907 Portswood   d. 1992 Liverpool   Married Bertha Taylor in Liverpool in 1969.

Jack   b. 1910 Portswood   d. 1986 Liverpool



The 2nd Hampshire battalion was in India when WW1 broke out. 900 men boarded the Gloucester Castle on 16 November 1914, bound for Plymouth.


They reached the UK on 22 December and relocated to Romsey, where they were attached to the 29th Division and the 88th Brigade.


The Battalion received a further 200 men in early 1915 and were originally bound for France. However, a change of plan involved the whole Division embarking for Gallipoli on March 12th 1915.

In late April, the Division landed at Cape Helles ready for action against the Turks.


The main fighting at the time of Frederick’s death was during the attempted landings at Suvla Bay, but the 29th Division were land-based at that time.


Frederick almost certainly perished during skirmishes around Helles.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 30th September 2016


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