Frederick CHARLES Langdown

Date of birth: 9th April 1885
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment / Division: Royal Navy
Vessel: HMS Tipperary
Rank / Service No: Stoker 1st Class, PO/303854
Died: 1st June 1916, aged 31 years
Commemorated: Portsmouth Naval Memorial


Charles was the fourth of 6 siblings born to Robert L and Caroline Langdown (nee Gailor), who married in Shirley on 24 April 1875.


Both parents were born in 1851, Robert in Shirley and Caroline in Totton.

Robert died in Southampton in 1921 and Caroline passed away in 1928.



Caroline Amelia “Milly”   b. 1876 Northam   d. 1957 Southampton  Married George Edwin Cocks in Southampton in 1896. Married William Griffin in Southampton in 1949.

James Robert   b. 1877 Northam   d. 1940 Southampton   Married Charlotte Ellen Shephard in Southampton in 1903.

Lucy Ann   b. 25 July 1879 Northam   d. 1955 Southampton   Married Frank Lanham in Southampton in 1899.

Frederick CHARLES

Lily   b. 2 December  1888 Southampton   d. 1979 Southampton aged 91 years   Married Arthur Albert Shotter in Southampton in 1910 (no children).

George Henry   b. 14 December 1893 Southampton   d. 1967 Southampton   Married Edith E. Brown in Southampton in 1914.


Charles married Caroline Emily Buckman in Southampton in 1904. The couple had 3 children and lived at 20 Upper York Street, Northam.


Lillian May   b. 1 March 1910 Southampton   d. 1984 Southampton   Married Claude H. Smith in Southampton in 1939.

Reginald Henry   b. 1912 Southampton   d. 1989 Southampton   Married Patricia Newton in Southampton in 1938.

Jack   b. 13 August 1914 Southampton   d. 1976 Southampton  Married Ivy M. Wingett in Southampton in 1940.


Caroline Emily was born in Southampton in 1884 and she married twice after Charles’ demise, firstly to Henry Cooper in 1920 and then Charles R. Brown in 1923.

She passed away in the city in 1971.



Charles enlisted into the R.N on 28 April 1904. His early naval career is not known, but Tipperary was launched on 5 March 1915 so he would not have been aboard for long.


At the Battle of Jutland, Tipperary led the 4th Flotilla. Her and her squadron pressed home determined torpedo attacks on the German fleet as it escaped across the rear of the British fleet, during the night of 31 May.


The 4th Flotilla sunk the German light cruiser SMS Frauenlob but was then herself sunk by the 5.9” guns of SMS Westfahen early in the morning of 1 June.


185 of the 197 crew lost their lives.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 7th November 2016


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