Frederick Charles Johnson

Date of birth: 24th January 1880
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 15th
Rank / Service No: Lance Corporal, 37433
Died: 6th May 1918, aged 38 years
Buried: Ypres Town Cemetery Extension (Plot III, Row H, Grave 1)


Frederick was the fourth of 10 siblings born to Alexander William and Charlotte Johnson (nee Bellows), who married in Southampton on Christmas Day 1872.


Alexander was born in Southampton on 16 September 1852 and he died in the city in March 1930.

Charlotte was born in the city on 12 September 1851 and she passed away in 1926.



Gordon   b. 1873 Southampton   d. ??

Alice Elizabeth   b. 21 October 1875 Sway   d. 1970 New Forest   Married Albert Edward Sanger in Southampton in 1894 (5 children).

Caroline Mary   b. 3 January 1878 Southampton   d. 14 March 1916 aboard Kenilworth Castle   Married Sidney Corbett Saunders in Southampton in 1898.

Frederick Charles

Florence Ellen   b. 8 August 1882 Southampton   d. 1960 Petersfield

Thomas   b. 1884 Southampton   d. 1969 Southampton   Married Beatrice Louisa Larbalestier in Southampton in 1908.

Ellen Rosina   b. 1886 Southampton   d. 1947 Southampton   Married George Robert Wiltshire in Southampton in 1907 (d. 1917). Married Arthur Quinn in Southampton in 1919.

William   b. 1888 Southampton   d. ??

Maud Beatrice   b. 1891 Southampton   d. 1967 Southampton   Married William Thompson in Southampton in 1914.

Lily Gertrude   b. 1895 Southampton   d. 1932 Eastleigh   Married Percival F. Silsbury in Southampton in 1914.


Frederick married Lucy House in Southampton in 1900. Lucy had been born in Brockenhurst on 25 June 1881 and the family moved back there sometime between 1905 and 1907.


The couple had 3 children……..

Lucy Ellen   b. 18 September 1901 Southampton   d. 1978 New Forest   Married Charles T. Crouch in Lymington in 1924.

William Thomas   b. 14 November 1904 Southampton   d. 1982 Southampton   Married Annie L. House in Lymington in 1926.

Albert Alexander   b. 1907 Brockenhurst   d. 1983 New Forest   Married Dorothy G. Skoyles in Lymington in 1931.


After Frederick’s death, Lucy married Sidney J. Maynard in Lymington in 1924. She passed away in Brockenhurst in 1947.



The 15th Hampshire was formed in Portsmouth on 5 April 1915, by the mayor and his officers.

The War Office adopted the battalion on 30 May 1915 and it moved to Aldershot in the October of that year.


The battalion immediately came under the orders of 122nd Brigade, in the 41st Division.

The brigade mustered for war in early 1916, landing in France in the May of that year.


In 1916, they fought on the Somme, and in the Battle of Messines (amongst others) in 1917.

On 27th September 1917, Frederick’s battalion was amalgamated with the now dismounted 1/1st Hampshire Yeomanry and renamed as the 15th (Hampshire Yeomanry) Battalion.


In November 1917, the new battalion was part of a troop movement to Italy, taking the front line near the River Piave near Treviso.


In February 1918, they were all summoned back to France, encamped near Doullens and Mondicourt.


Frederick almost certainly met his end when the Division was involved in the Battle of the Lys in Belgium.


This battle went on for most of the April 1918, and was part of the last large German offensive of the war.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 5th October 2016


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