Frank Josiah Boniface

Date of birth: 17.12.1877
Place of birth: Guildford
Service No.: 2269/ST
Rank: Engineman
Battalion:: Royal Navy Reserve
Vessel: HMS Vivid
Died: 8 October 1918, aged 40 years
Buried: Southampton (Hollybrook) Cemetery (L.6.43)

Life before the War

Frank was the eldest of 10 siblings born to Josiah and Eliza ELLEN Boniface (nee Cobb), who married in Guildford in 1877.

Josiah was born in Midhurst in 1844 and died in Guildford in 1903. Ellen was born in Alton in 1858.


  1. Frank Josiah
  2. Amy   b. 9.5.1879 Guildford   d. ??   Married William Elliott in Farnham in 1898.
  3. Sarah   b. 10.6.1881 Guildford   d. 1953 Surrey   Married Arthur Sims in Petersfield in 1908.
  4. George   b. 7.5.1883 Guildford   d. ??   Married Alice Mary Rowland in Guildford in 1902.
  5. Henry   b. 5.4.1885 Guildford  d. 1966 Surrey  Married Ellen Voice in Guildford in 1904.
  6. William  b. 1888 Guildford   d.  ??
  7. Ernest   b. 23.3.1891 Guildford  d. 1893 Guildford
  8. Matilda   b. 1893 Guildford   d. ??
  9. David   b. 1895 Guildford    d.  ??
  10. Mary   b. 1899 Guildford   d. 1964 Toronto   Married Norman Elmer Beamish 1.1.1916 in Ontario.

Frank married Alice Elizabeth Vidler in Chertsey in 1908. Alice was born in 1870 in Haslemere and she passed away in Southampton in 1926.

The couple were living in Woking at the 1911 Census, and lived at 23 Richville Road, Shirley once they moved to Southampton.

War Service

HMS Vivid was the name given to the Devonport Naval Base.

It was commissioned in 1890 and operated as a training base until 1914. It changed its name to HMS Drake in 1934.
There are no details whatsoever of what exactly happened to Frank, but one or two sources state that he died of “illness”.

His headstone reads: “Rest in peace.”

Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 11/08/2015

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