Frank Hatch

Date of birth: 1882
Place of birth: Portswood, Southampton
Regiment / Division: Mercantile Marine
Vessel: SS St. Boswells
Rank / Service No: Fireman
Died: 10th June 1920, aged 38 years
Commemorated: Tower Hill Memorial


Frank, a bricklayer by trade, was the fifth of 11 siblings born to William and Fanny Hatch (nee Hailes), who married in St. Luke’s Church in Southampton on 4 December 1871.


The family lived at both 31 and 49 Ivy Road in Portswood for many years.


Both parents were born in Southampton, William in 1850 and Fanny in 1853. William died in the city in 1922 and Fanny passed away in 1939.



Edith Mary   b. 1871 Portswood   d. 1910 Portsmouth   Married James Henry Tomes in Portsmouth in 1894.

Alice   b. 1874 Portswood   d. 1949 Portsmouth   Married Joseph Jeremiah August in Portsmouth in 1898 (1 daughter).

John THOMAS   b. 1876 Portswood   d. ??   Married Edith May Chick in Portswood in 1905.

John Thomas was a wayward teenager. He was convicted of stealing a watch on 5 May 1888 and was sent to “Industrial School.”

On 25 May 1894, he was convicted of indecently assaulting under-13 Katie Forrest and was sentenced to 6 “calendar” months hard labour. 


Louisa   b. 1879 Portswood   d. 1927 Southampton   Married Thomas Littleboy in Portswood in 1904.

Alfred William   b. 14 March 1885 Portswood   d. 1939 Winchester

Ellen (Nellie)   b. 1888 Portswood   d. 1968 Southampton   Married Ernest F. Hayter in Southampton in 1911.

George EDWARD   b. 1890 Portswood   d. 1964 Lambeth

Agnes   b. 1892 Portswood   d. 1967 Southampton   Married Walter Clark in Portswood in 1915.

Beatrice   b. 1896 Portswood   d. 1978 Portsmouth

Florence May   b. 1898 Portswood   d. 1993 Portsmouth (96 years !)   Married Herbert Murphy in Southampton in 1939.


Frank married Emily Moody in Southampton in 1916 and the couple had no children.


They lived at 7 Handford Place, Bedford Place.


Emily Whitehorn had married George Moody in Southampton in 1899; there is no evidence that George died early, so it can be assumed that the couple divorced.


George Robert Moody was born in Portswood on 12 April 1899, and he died in the city in 1976.



St. Boswells was a tug. She was towing the Santa Theresa from Iquique in Chile to Hamburg when she struck a stray mine off Terschilling in the Netherlands.




Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 28th September 2016


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