Frank Hammond

Date of birth: 1883
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 1st
Rank / Service No: Private, 23191
Died: 15th June 1918, aged 23 years
Buried: Le Vertannoy British Cemetery, Hinges, France (C.15)


Frank was the fifth of 8 known siblings born to John Toogood and Alice Hammond (nee Gorey), who married in Southampton in 1876.

Frank also had 2 half-sisters, because his father had been married before.


John had married Jane Batters in Portswood on 2 July 1868. Jane had been born in 1844 and she passed away in 1875, possibly during child birth.


Half siblings

Susan Eliza   b. 1870 Portswood   d. ??

Jane   b. 1875 Swaythling   d. 1971 Winchester   97 years old !


John, a butcher, had been born in Dorchester in 1845 and he died in Southampton in 1914.

Alice had been born in the city in 1855 and she passed away in 1931.



Alice   b. 1877 Southampton   d. 1968 Winchester (aged 91 years)   Married Frederick George Ward (a butcher) in Southampton in 1905.

Annie   b. 1878 Southampton   d. 1965 Southampton (aged 87 years)   Married Charles G. Coombs in Portswood in 1921.

Percy John   b. 1880 Eastleigh   d. 1912 Andover   Married Amelia Maud Mary Guy in Bishop’s Waltham in 1906.

William Thomas   b. 1881 Eastleigh   d. 1918 Southampton   Had fought in the Boer War with the Royal Field Artillery…he died from the effects of pneumonia.


Mary Ellen   b. 1886 Southampton   d. 1956 Winchester   Married Sydney Parker Mitchell in Portswood in 1909.

Edward Toogood   b. 1889 Winchester   d. 1951 Southampton

Margaret   b. 1892 Southampton   d. 1968 Winchester



Frank probably died in the aftermath of the Battle of the Lys, fought mainly between 7th and 29th April 1918.

This was the last major German offensive of the war, where they concentrated attacks on a 25 mile-long front running from NNE to SSW in Northern France.


The British resisted the attacks at most points along the front, although 82K soldiers lost their lives during the action.


The Cemetery was begun in April 1918 during the Battles of the Lys and was used by field ambulances, burial officers and fighting units until the following September.


The cemetery holds 141 Commonwealth WW1 burials.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 2nd September 2016


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