Frank Edwin Kemp

Date of birth: 1868
Place of birth: Wootton, I.o.W
Regiment: Royal Garrison Artillery
Battalion: 10th Siege
Rank / Service No: Company Sergeant Major, 3411
Died: 24th September 1916, aged 47 years
Buried: Hollybrook Cemetery, Southampton (B.2.38)


Frank was the eighth of 11 siblings born to George and Mary Jane Kemp (nee Lux), who married on Isle of Wight in 1859.


Both parents were born on the island, George in Godshill in 1825 and Mary in Wootton in 1834.

They both passed away on the island, Mary in 1884 and George in 1890.



Elizabeth Jane   b. 1856 (?) Ryde   d. 1943 Windsor   Married George William Teale on I.o.W 1873. Married Arthur Robert Cousins on I.o.W 1901.

George Henry   b. 1859 Wootton   d. 24 January 1931 on I.o.W   Married Sarah (from Bath) pre 1881 and they had 6 children.

Thomas James   b. 1861 Wootton   d. 1935 on I.o.W   Married Emily White on I.o.W in 1884 and they had 5 children.

Mary Ann   b. 1861 Wootton   d. 1890 Middlesbrough   Married Charles Henry Pierce on I.o.W in 1882.

Harriet Jane   b. 25 December 1863 Binstead I.o.W   d. ??

Ellen FANNY   b. 1864 Binstead   d. 12 November 1932 I.o.W   Married William John Woolgar on I.o.W in 1891.

Frederick William   b. 20 December 1865 Binstead   d. 1939 at 46 Springfield Road, Holbury   Married Ada Georgina Allen in Portswood in 1908.

Frank Edwin 

James Richard   b. 15 July 1869 Wootton   d. 1943 Southampton   Married Mary A. Longman in Southampton in 1922.

Edward Alfred   b. 1871 Carisbrooke   d. 1949 I.o.W   Married Mary Jane Rackett on I.o.W in 1890.

William Arthur   b. 1873 Whippingham   d. 1 August 1933 Royal South Hants Hospital   Married Sarah Ann Stark on I.oW in 1893. Couple had 6 children.


Frank married Mary Jane Rackett’s sister, Clara Jane, in Northwood on the I.O.W on 19 September 1896.


The couple had a nomadic lifestyle in the early years of their marriage, witness the birth places of their children…..

Frank Edwin George   b. 22 September 1897 India   d. 1954 Southampton   Married Ivy Norah Vass in Southampton in 1923.

Clara Jane   b. 3 April 1903 Tipperary   d. 1965 Southampton   Married Frank A. Barker in Southampton in 1931.

Edith May   b. 3 April 1903 Tipperary   d. 1944 Bishop’s Waltham


Clara had been born 18 June 1874 in Northwood on the island. Once the family settled in Southampton, they lived at 36 English Road in Shirley.

After Frank’s death, Clara is known to have continued to live at the same address where she looked after an “incapacitated” Edith May.


For that reason, Edith’s “residence” at the time of her death is slightly unusual.

Clara passed away 2 years after her daughter, in 1946, in Southampton.



The 10th Siege Company of the R.G.A went to France on 16 February 1915. They took control of the only 9.2” howitzer in existence, and used it during the Battles of Neuve Chapelle and Festubert, from February – July 1915.

It fired a 290lb shell up to a maximum range of 10,000 yards and was nicknamed “Mother”.


By the end of the war, the British Army was using 450 of the 9.2” howitzers.


It is known that Frank died at home, but it is unknown what he died of.


His headstone reads: “ Though death divides, fond memories cling.”



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 6th October 2016


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