Francis John Cooper

Date of birth: 1881
Place of birth: Nursling, Southampton
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 15th
Rank / Service No: Private, 25324
Died: 7th June 1917, aged 35 years
Commemorated: Bus House Cemetery, Belgium (A.26)


Francis was one of 8 siblings born to Charles and Matilda Ann Cooper (nee Chainey), who married around 1879.

Charles was born in Hampworth, Wiltshire in 1857 and he died in Fleet in 1909. Matilda was also born in Wiltshire, in 1858.

Once the family moved to Southampton, they lived at 16 Clovelly Road, St. Mary’s.



Rose   b. 1880 Wiltshire   d. 1930 Southampton

Sidney   b. 1881 Nursling d. ??

Francis John

Emily Martha Sarah   b. 1886 Nursling   d. ??

Mabel E.   b. 17 September 1888 Nursling   d. ??

William b. 1888 Nursling   d. ??

Edward   b. 1894 Ower   d. 1975 Fordingbridge   Married Kate E. Parker in Fordingbridge in 1924.

Frederick William   b. 12 September 1896   d. ??


Francis married Beatrice Adelaide Chainey in Christchurch in 1910. Beatrice was born in the Scilly Isles in 1885 and she passed away in Poole in 1941.

Beatrice gave birth to one child…..


Charles Chainey   b. 1911 Southampton   d. 1978 Southampton


Francis was killed during the 3rd Battle of Ypres. In the June of 1917, an offensive was mounted by Commonwealth forces to divert German attention from a weakened French front further to the south.

The initial attempt in June to dislodge the Germans from the Messines Ridge was a complete success, but not for Francis.


This campaign finally ended in November 1917, with the Allies capturing Passchendaele.


The cemetery stands behind a farm-house that was called “Bus House” by the troops. It was made in June – November 1917 but 1 grave of January 1915 was brought in during the war, and 4 more were added in April 1918.


The cemetery now contains 206 WW1 Commonwealth burials, 12 of them unidentified.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 24th June 2016


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