Felix Abraham

Date of Birth:       July 1872Poppies
Place of Birth:     Southampton.
Service:                 Royal Navy
Rank:                     Fleet paymaster
Death:                    4/11/1917
Place of Death:  Gosport.Hampshire.

Life Before The War

Felix was born in July 1872 and  baptized on 11th August 1872 in Southampton Hampshire. His parents were Henry and Mary Ann. His father  Henry was born in Frome Somerset in 1825 he was a silversmith and had his own business  at 147 High Street.Southampton, he died on 17 July 1881 at 147 High Street.Southampton. His mother Mary Ann (nee Docwra) was born  in 1833 in Southampton,  she died in 1907 in Southampton.

Felix had 5 sisters Isobel b1878 – d 1968, May b 1874, Alice b1870,Bessie b1868 – d1939, Evelina b1862 – d1945 and 5 brothers Arthur b1867, John b1865,Frank b1864,Harry b 1860 and George b1859 – d1935.

In the census of 1861 Henry  had the shop at 147 High Street and was a watchmaker and jeweller, his great uncle Elhanan Davids was his assistant.

In the census of 1871 the family were living at 147 High Street which was the jeweller business, Felix father was recorded as being a watchmaker and jeweller, they had 4 staff a general servant, head nurse, under nurse and an errand boy. Henry died on 17th July 1881  leaving his estate to his wife Mary Ann  £7,591. 8s 9d.

In the census of 1881 the following  members of the family were registered at 147 High Street.Southampton, George Abraham (son) aged 22 he was a jeweller and money changer,John, Felix,May and Isobella, there is also 4 members of staff registered , a porter, a housemaid/ cook domestic and nurse domestic, Henry and Mary Ann are not registered on that day.

In 1890 Felix joined the Royal Navy  and on 6th February 1890  he was serving on the “Hyacinth” a screw cruiser third class  as assistant clerk in China. On 15th July 1890 he was on active service as a clerk.By July 1893 he was an assistant paymaster.On 26th May 1894 he was serving on the “Bleinham” a twin screw cruiser first class. 26th June 1897 he was present at Spithead still as a assistant paymaster.He remained an assistant paymaster until 1903 when he became a paymaster.

In the census of 1911 Felix is registered as serving on board the ship “Forte”as a fleet paymaster, he is registered as single. The Forte was a second class cruiser and it was stationed in Simon’s Bay at the Cape of Good Hope, there was a total of 324 men serving on board. It was obsolete at the outbreak of the First World War and was sold in 1914.

In 1915 he was on the “Queen Elizabeth” a battleship as fleet paymaster. He retired in October 1916. On the 21st September 1917 it is noted he was a fleet paymaster retired.

Felix left a probate dated 14th January 1918, it read as follows:- “Felix of 45 Bugle Street.Southampton fleet paymaster died on 4th November 1917 at Haslar Hospital.Gosport. Hampshire. Administration London 14 January 1918  to (his brother) George Abraham a retired jeweller, effects £2,737.12s.”

Southampton Old Cemetary

Felix is remembered at Southampton old Cemetary Plot N 84.35.


Researched by Brenda White 2014.


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