WWI Fallen Heroes F – K




Walter Taylor Habgood

Ernest Frank Hackett

John Henry Goldrisk Hackett

Charles Henry Hacking

Geoffrey Haddock

Arthur Albert Haddon

Samuel William Hainsworth

James George Hales

Wilfred Loveday Hales

Charles Thomas Haley

Frank William Hallett

Frederick Thomas Hallett

Walter Frank Hallett

Howard George Hallum

Michael James Hamilton

Bertie Louis Hamm

Joseph Hamm

Arthur Hammond

Frank Hammond

Archibald Herbert Hampton

Charles Henry Hampton

Frederick William Hampton

Henry Hampton

Richard Hampton

William Hancock

Charles William Handley

Richard Harbut

Cecil Rochfort Harman

Arthur George Harding

George Charles Harding

Henry James Harding

Archibald Hardy

William Samuel Harland

Harry Harper

Richard Henry Harper

John Herbert Harrington

Alfred Edward Harris

Charles Victor Harris

Courtney Thomas Harris

John Colin Harris

Edwin John Harris

Ephraim Edward Harris

Thomas Victor Harris

Victor Augustus Harris

William Alfred Harrison

Norman Curtis Hartley

Reginald Hartley

Alexander James Harvey

Jesse Harvey

William Edward Harvey

Henry Harold Harwood

William Henry Haskins

John Mavin Haswell

Arthur Cecil Hatch

Frank Hatch

Albert Edward Hatcher

Sidney James Hatcher

Harry Hawkins

Arthur Ernest Hayball

Frank Arthur Harold Hayden

Harry Edgar Haynes

Hugh Henry Hayter

George Henry Hayward

Ernest Arthur Head

Edwin Lewis Heath

James Heath

Louis Edwin Heath

Henry Herman Casper Heistermann

George William Hellier

Henry Erbro Hellyar

Harold Percival Hendin

John William Hendrickson

Charles John Henwood

Albert Edward Herbert

George Samuel Hewitt

Reginald Henry Charles Hewlett

Edward Ernest Hibberd

Frederick James Hickman

Cecil Henry Hill

William Kenneth Hill

William Thomas Hillier

Allen Percy Hilton

William James Hilton

Michael Johnson Hindmarch

Reginald John Hinsley

Albert Victor Hinves

Ernest Hirst

Frederick Charles Hiscock

Harry Albert Hiscock

John Thomas Hiscock

Albert Edward Hodder

Sam Hodder

Thomas George Hodder

George Hodgen

Gilbert Stuart Holbech

William Charles Holdaway

Norton Holes

Alfred Charles Holley

Walter Holley

Bertie John Holloway

Frank Holloway

Percy Thomas James Holloway

Frederick George Holly

Herbert SIDNEY Holly

George De Lara Honeycott

Charles Mansell Hood

Frank Charles GEORGE Hooper

Wilfred James Hopkins

Edwin Ernest Horley

Bramwell Horne

Charles Henry Horner

Walter George Horsey

Albert Frederick Horton

Archibald Horton

Albert HERBERT Hounsome

Thomas Edward Hounsome

James William Howard

William Humber

Alfred Bertie Humby

Arthur Edward Humby

John William Humby

Sidney Wilfred Humby

David ARTHUR Humphreys

William Frank Humphreys

Arthur Cecil Hunt

Benjamin Harry Hunt

George Henry Hunt

Sidney Frank Hunt

Walter Hunt

William Richard Hunt

Lewis HENRY Hurley

Henry Hurlock

Albert Henry Hurst

George Henry Hutchinson




One response to “WWI Fallen Heroes F – K

  1. Ann Grimble

    You do not appear to have any information on William Archibald Foy. As he is on the war memorial at Avenue St Andrews CHurch in Southampton, I have researched his life, and can let you know more about him, including a photo.

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