WWI Fallen Heroes A – E




Francis Hugh Bacon

William Henry Bagley

Frank Vivian Bagshaw

Albert Edward Bailey

George ERNEST Bailey

Herbert Bailey

William James Percival Bailey

Joseph Baird

Frederick Baker

Frederick Charles Baker

Godfrey Ernest Baker

John James Baker

William Baker

Albert Victor Ball

Frank Aylward Ball

Henry Leslie Ball

William Ball

Harold Walley Bamford (former Saints player)

Henry Bampton

Alfred William Banger

Alfred Charles Banks

George Henry Banks

George Barber

William Arthur Barfoot

Alfred Arthur Barge

Alfred Barling

William Steger Barlow

Albert Edward Barnes

Edward John Barnes

Ernest James Barnes

Frederick Frances (Eric) Barnes

George Henry Barnes

Reginald John Barnes

Richard Joseph Barnes

William James Barnes

William Joseph Patrick Barnes

Hector Henry Barrow

Joseph Bernard Barrow

Archibald Frank Bartlett

Ernest Sidney Bartlett

Frank Theodore Bartlett

Herbert George Bartlett

Charles Thomas Bartley

Arthur Charles Barton

Victor Albert Jubilee Barton

Thomas Arthur Bassett

Arthur Sidney James Barter

Harry Barter

Bertie Bartholomew

Henry James Bartholomew

William John Hargreaves Bartholomew

Cecil James Bastable

Frank Batchelor

Maurice David Batchelor

Harold Frederick Bath

Albert Baudains

Albert Edward Bayley

George Whitmore Beadle

Albert Edward Beavis

Sidney Beazley

Ashton Percy Bedford (Percy)

William John Beecher

Raphael Bellenie

Frederick Henry Benlow

Edwin Benner

Arthur John Bennett

Henry Walker Benson

Charles Bentley

Frank Thomas Berry

Godfrey Charles Berry

William Edward Besant

Edward Coulson Bickers

Edward Biddlecombe

Frank Biddlecombe

George Thomas Biddlecombe

Henry William Charles Biggs

John Charles Biles

Alfred George Bishop

Harold Charles Bisson

Donald Walter Bryce Black

William Hugh (Hew) Black

Albert Henry Blake

Charles Edmund Blake

Ernest Frederick Blake

George Henry Blake

Percival Leonard Blake

James Herbert Blandford

Thomas Blandford

Thomas Blandford

Arthur Blachford

Richard Frank Board

Hebberd John Bollom

Frederick Percy Bond

Albert Benjamin Bone

George Thomas Bone

Thomas James Bone

Arthur Sparshott Boniface

Frank Josiah Boniface

Robert Ernest Booth

Jules Bornet

Francis Bosworthick

William Ernest Bosworthick

Stuart Botterill

Reginald Allen Botting

William Henry Bougourd

Charles Henry Boulter

Albert Edward Bourne

Augustus John Boursnell

Arthur Ronald Bowditch

Percy Reginald Bowles

William Reginald Seymour Bowyer

Cresswell Edward Boyce

William Arthur Brackstone

Samuel George Bray

Albert (Bertie) Brewer

Frederick George Brewer

Walter Sidney Bridgen

George Henry Brierley

Howard Bright

Frederick Henry Brine

Albert Brixey

Fred Brixey

James Brookman

Albert Brown

Alexander Henry Brown

Frank Frederick Brown

Frederick Hyde Brown

George Brown

James Frederick Walter Brown

Joseph Brown

Norman William Brown

Reginald Thomas Brown

William James Brown

Oswald Claude Browne

Thomas Brownrigg

Norman William Brundritt

John Yearworth Bryant

Douglas Buchan

George William Buckle

John George Buckle

John Charles Bucknill

Llewellyn Morris Bucknill

Frederick John Budden

Edward John Buley

Bertram Bulpett

George Frank Robert Oliver Bulstrode

Albert Arthur Bundey

Alfred William Bundy

Albert Frank Bungay

Sidney Thomas Bungey

Albert Victor Bunn

William Augustus Bunney

Charles Edward Burden

William Ernest Burley

Albert Henry Burridge

William Charles Burrington

Bernard Prendergast Burroughs

Frederick Charles Burt

Harold George Burton

Wilhelmina Burton

Joseph Henry Bush

Francis WILLIAM Buxey

George Francis Frederick Buxey

Arthur Cecil Bynam

Alfred Walter Byrch


Walter Camfield

William Camfield

Archibald Henry Candy

Robert Carden

Frank Cardy

Percy Carey

Albert Edwin Carpenter

Ronald Percy Victor Carpenter

William Herbert Carr

Albert Ernest William Carroll

Frank Henry Carter

Harry George Carter

William Henry Carter

Edward James Carver

Frank Castleman

Reginald Cavill

William George Cawte

Frederick Hardress Chaplin

Charles Edward Chappel

Fred Chainey

Arthur Beaumont Goddard Twyford Chamberlain

William Thomas Jasper Chandler

William Henry John Chaplow

William Henry Chapman

Arthur Lionel Chappell

Albert Henry Charman

Singleton Charnock

John Cheetham

James Chenoweth

Charles Frederick Cherrett

Alfred Nelson Chester

Henry William Chick

Stanley White Chipp

Filmer Chiswell

Edwin Cecil Russell Christmas (former Saints player)

Thomas Hayward Clark

Harry Hamilton Clarke

George Wilfred Clasby

Stephen Charles Clasby



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