WWII Fallen Heroes S – Z

Only 16 names of the Fallen of WWII have been researched to date (April 2015) as our focus is the telling of the stories of the Fallen of WWI during the centenary period 2014 – 2018.

However we have listed all the names of the Fallen of WWII and will carry out research when resources and time allows.  Therefore if you have any information about those named in the WWII lists please contact us using the Comments box (below).


Sage, Kenneth
Salter, Lawson Alexander
Sanders, Harry Marcus
Saunders, Frank William
Saunders, Norman Alfred
Savage, George Douglas
Scorey, Ernest Bertram
Scorey, Thomas Heny
Scott, Donald Harry
Scott, Henry
Searles, John Isaac
Seeley, Kenneth John
Selman, Robert James
Service, Arthur
Seward, Ernest Henry
Shard, Ernest Robert
Sharp, Maurice Edward
Sharp, Stephen William
Sharp, Victor James
Shave, Thomas Arthur
Shaw, Ernest Gordon
Sheath, Norman Robert
Sheppard, Leonard Frederick
Shotter, Kenneth Hubert
Silvester, Christopher Alfred
Silvester, Wilfred Augustus
Simmons, George Alexander
Simms, Roderick George
Sims, Maurice John
Sims, Norman Arthur
Sissons, Albert Edward
Sivier, James Henry
Sivier, Robert William
Skeates, Hector
Skeats, William George
Skinner, Albert Jack
Skinner, Ronald Ernest
Slade, Edwin Douglas
Slinn, Gordon Basil
Smallbone, Kenneth Ronald
Smallwood, Ronald William
Smith, Alan John
Smith, Albert Roy
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Alfred Jack
Smith, Arthur William
Smith, Edward George
Smith, Edward Jackson
Smith, George Charles
Smith, Harry William
Smith, Kenneth Percival
Smith, Percival Francis
Smith, Tommy
Smith, William Alfred
Snelgrove, Colin
Snell, Peter Arthur
Snow, Kenneth John
Somerville, Leslie Thomas
Southcott, Norah Marie
Southwell, Gerald Arthur
Southwell, Norman Samuel
Sparkman, William George
Sparks, Stanley Edward
Spary, Percy Brian
Spence, Kenneth Hugh
Spencer, Arthur John
Sponder, Eric William
Spriddell, Godfrey Trevelyan
Spurgin, Arthur William
St Ange, William James
Stacey, William Alfred
Stafford, Albert Edward
Stanfield, Deryk Reginald
Stanley, Robert Leonard
Stansbury, Hubert
Stare, George Christopher
Stark, Arthur
Steed, Ernest Alfred
Stephens, Mark Warren
Stephenson, Thomas George
Stewart, Raymond George
Stickland, Charles Victor
Stockwell, John Neville
Stone , Kenneth John
Stone , Sidney William
Storey, Robert Albert
Stote, Frederick John
Strange, Leonard James
Street, John Albert
Stride, Frank Reginald
Strong, W S H
Strugnell, Harry
Sturgess, John Pearman
Sturgess, Thomas Ralph
Suckling, Alfred Walter
Swain, James George
Swan, William Arthur
Swift, Frank Denstone
Symes, Colin Dennis
Symes, Ronald Clarke
Symes, Vernon Bruce
Syms, Walter Edward


Tabor, Geoffrey Leonard
Tamblyn, Frank
Tanner, Edwin Ernest
Tanner, Henry
Tanner, Leonard Victor
Tanner, Ronald
Targett, Harold
Tarrant, Albert Edward
Tate, Harold Sydney
Tate, William Harry
Taylor, Albert Ralph
Taylor, Frederick John
Taylor, James Alfred
Taylor, Leslie Morley
Taylor, Robert Francis
Templeton, George
Theaker, Thomas Grayson
Thitchener, Horace Graham
Thomas, Kenneth Charles
Thompson, Fairlie Hamilton
Thompson, John Chute
Thompson, Norman Druid
Thompson, Robert
Thorne, Peter Lewis
Thorne, William Frank
Tillyer, Arthur Frank
Tilson, Cyril Garnett
Tizard, Herbert Lionel
Toft, John William
Tregarthen, Henry James
Trimmer, Norman Maurice
Trinder, Leslie Victor
Troke, Walter Edmund
Turnball, Robert
Turner, Horatio Herbert
Tweed, Jubilee Jack
Twelvetrees, Arthur Edward
Tyler, Thomas James
Tyler, William Frederick


Upton, Albert Gordon


Vale, Alfred Thomas
Vann, Clarence Ritchley
Verran, Edmund Alexander
Viney, Robert Desmond
Viney, Robert Vincent


Waine, Leonard Phillip
Wainwright, Jack Colin
Wake, Herbert Winston
Wakefield, Raymond Arthur
Wakeford, Guy William
Wakeling, Frank Harris
Walbridge, Norman
Waldren, Leslie Maurice
Walker, John George
Wall, Emanuel Charles
Wallbridge, Frederick William
Waller, Bertram Morley
Walls, John
Walters, Percy Edward
Walton, Claude Edward
Walton, Ronald
Warner, Peter George
Wassell, Ernest William
Waterer, Cyril William
Waterhouse, Reginald George
Wathen, Henry Charles
Watkinson, Reginald
Watler, Charles Richard
Watson, Alfred James
Watson, Gerald Jack
Watts, Robert Neville
Weaver, George
Weaver, Henry Edward
Webb, Cyril William
Webb, Edgar Bertie
Webb, Hubert
Webb, Leslie James
Webb, Robert Alexander
Wedge, Ernest Charles
Welch, Leslie Ernest
Wellman, Arthur Charles
Wenham, Arthur James
Wenham, Frederick George
Wescombe, Basil Courtney
Wescott, Norman Alexander
West, John James
Westlake, Thomas Reginald
Wheeler, Raymond Clive
Whiffen, George Kenneth
Whitcher, Arthur Ronald
White, Ernest Edward
White, Frederick George
White, George
White, Henry William
White, Kenneth Albert
White, Leslie Ronald
White, Percy Norman
Whitlock, Reginald Leonard
Whittaker, Duncan James
Whittle, Michael George
Wilkins, Ronald Alfred
Wilkinson, Frederick Thomas
Williams, Albert Edward
Williams, William
Williamson, Frederick Robert
Willis, Edward Walter
Willis, Ernest William
Wills, David Ernest
Wilshin, Richard David
Wilson, Arthur Haig
Wilson, Charles Bertram
Wilson, Guy Lewis
Wilson, Reginald Alfred
Windsor, Albert Edward
Winter, Stanley William
Wolfe, William Alfred
Woodall, Stanley
Woodford, George
Woodford, Richard Frederick
Woods, Joseph Ernest
Worlock, Peter Walter
Worner, Charles Edward
Worte, Constance Doterel
Worthy, Reginald Percy
Wotton, Peter
Wraight, Alan Ernest
Wright, Edward
Wright, William
Wyatt, Arthur


Yealland, Leonard
Young, Robert Henry
Young, Ronald Edward
Young, Stanley Herbert
Young, William Ernest
Young, William Horace


Zammit, Robert
Zator, Walter John

10 responses to “WWII Fallen Heroes S – Z

  1. Sarah Downey

    Norman Alexander Wescott was my grandfather. He was a corporal in the military police and was lost in action on the first day of the battle of Monte Casino. I believe he was on a ship that had left Egypt. I have a picture of him that I believe was in a magazine which shows him escorting POWs. He lived in Portsmouth and I did make contact some years ago with a researcher in Portsmouth but have subsequently lost their email address. i will endeavour to make contact with them again and will contact you with any further information.
    Regards Sarah

  2. Jean Scrivens (Mrs)

    My Uncle name Edward Teague died in WWII in Italy. He lived in Southampton. But I can’t see his name listed. Thank you.

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for contacting us. We appear to have G E Teague WW1, but not an Edward Teague WW2. Although he lived in Southampton do you know if anyone of the family applied to have his name added after the war? If no one asked for his name to be added that is why he is not there. You can as a member of his family ask for it to be added to the glass wall, names are added periodically throughout the year. If you decide to, just email me and I will give you the details.
      kind regards
      Brenda White for Southampton Families and Friends Group.

  3. Carol Bampton

    Reginald George Waterhouse ..Service: Royal Navy
    Rank: Able Seaman
    Service Number: P/JX 152397
    Date Joined Hood: Unknown
    Biographical Information: Reginald was born on 26 November 1921 in Southampton, Hampshire to George and Lucy Waterhouse. The family lived in Bitterne, Southampton
    He was 19 years old at the time of his loss. Brothers, Norman and Eric …. this photo was taken in 1937 ….

    Reginald’s brothers, Norman and Eric have since died –

    Please how do I enquire if his medals (if any) were collected ?

    • Hi there,

      You need to contact the MOD I have given you the address below, best of luck. It is good you have his details.

      If a service person’s medals were not claimed whilst they were alive, the medals can still be claimed now for service back to (and including) WWII. However, we require proof of kinship before the medals are issued. If you wish to apply, please complete an application form

      Application Forms
      Medal Application Form (For non -serving personnel)
      Contact Us:
      MOD Medal Office
      Innsworth House
      Imjin Barracks
      GL3 1 HW

      kind regards

      Brenda – Southampton Cenotaph

  4. Sara Donovan

    Good Evening, Edward WRIGHT died during the Dunkirk invasion on 29/05/1940 aged 48 yrs. He was a Merchant Seaman on board SS Lorina. He was married to Clara DAVIS and they had 4 children. He is also commemorated on the Merchant Navy Tower Hill Memorial in London
    I am related to his daughter. Research is ongoing

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for contacting us. At the moment our priority is to research World War 1 service people, as we had to have a starting point. However, when relatives contact us concerning a particular person if they have any information for us to start a story we are happy to do so, should you have information/photograph you would like to share with us for his story please let us know.
      Kind regards
      Brenda White – for Families and Friends Group

  5. Karina williams

    Hope you can help my grandfather is frederick robert williamson he was in the ww2 he died when my mother was 4 we trying to find out about him we have very little information wich ive found out on line but none of it addeing up if any one can please help it would be great as my mother wants to know as much as she can. She visited his grave today for the first time many thanks karina

  6. Michael Heaton

    Arthur Frank Tillyer 842055
    I am trying to contact family as he is to be mentioned in a book regarding his last moments in Holland, the writer in Otterlo, Holland; would like to make contact for a photo please and to share information.
    I have been assisting on the genology side and found this chap is named in his civil life Frank Arthur Tillyer (parents match, home & age)
    Can anyone help?

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