WWII Fallen Heroes L – R

Only 16 names of the Fallen of WWII have been researched to date (April 2015) as our focus is the telling of the stories of the Fallen of WWI during the centenary period 2014 – 2018.

However we have listed all the names of the Fallen of WWII and will carry out research when resources and time allows.  Therefore if you have any information about those named in the WWII lists please contact us using the Comments box (below).


Southampton Cenotaph PoppiesLambourne, Robert George
Lamprey, Charles Sydney
Lampton, Alfred Edward
Lane, Frederick Albert
Lane, Peter
Lane, Richard John
Lane, Roy
Lang, Frederick M
Langdon, Robert Charles
Larbalestier, James Albert
Latham, Thomas
Latimer, Richard
Laverick, Kenneth William
Law, George Pringle
Lawler, Jessie
Laycock, William
Le Page, John Charles
Leach, Patrick George
Leal, Robert Percy
Leaver, Sidney Malcolm
Lee, Kenneth Charles
Lee, Richard Thomas
Legge, Frank Sydney
Leggett, Edward Richard
Leonard, Roger
Light, James John
Lines, Cyril Frederick
Littlefield, Robert James
Locke, John Richard
Lockhart, George
Long, Kenneth Hughes
Long, William Alfred
Longman, William Stephen
Lough, Kenneth McLelland
Lowe, Robert William
Lowry, Samuel Charles
Lucroft, Harold Martin
Lyon, Anthony Jules
Lyon, Aubrey Kenneth


Mabey, Albert John
Mabey, Walter John
MacDonald, George Neil
Macey, Ronald William
MacIntyre, Robert Alexander
MacKinlay, Duncan Wilson
MacLachlan, James Archibald
Maffey, Frank
Maggs, William Frank
Mailer, Donald
Major, Edward James
Mansbridge, Frederick Stephen
Mansell, Fred
Mansley, Alan Henry
Mantle, G E
Mantle, Jack Foreman
March, Joseph Henry
Marett, Robert Alfred
Marriot, Cyril Cornelius
Marsh, Frederick George
Marsh, James Henry
Marshall, Harry Lester
Marshall, Kenneth
Martin, Joseph John
Mason, Eric Arthur
Matthewman, Ellis Charles
Matthews, Frederick Stanley
Mattingly, Alan Ronald
Maulini, Pietro
Mawer, Raymond Salter
Mayo, William James
McCall, Robert Stewart
McCarthy, Ronald Dowler
McCullen, Vincent
McDougall, Allan
McGarry, John Patrick
McGaw, Robert
McIntrye, Alexander
McLaughlan, James
McMillan, Lindsay George
McNally, William Lawrence
McNeil, Douglas Spencer
McPherson, Robert Murdoch
Meany, Victor Roy
Meering, Eric
Menday, William Arthur
Merifield, Gordon James
Merington, Augustus Charles
Merrick, Arthur William
Merriot, Sidney James
Metcalf, Ernest
Milam, Leslie Harold
Miles, Archibald Henry
Miles, Roger
Millard, Alfred Edwin
Milligan, Robert Scott
Mills, George William
Mitchell , Wilfred Crighton
Moir, Norman Frederick
Moitie, William Charles
Moloney, John Francis
Moody, Edgar Alan
Moody, Paul Huart
Moody, Victor Charles
Mooney, Walter Arthur
Moore, George Frederick
Moore, Peter Edward
Moore, Reginald Thomas
Mordue, Robert William
Morey, Arnold Harris
Morgan, Frederick John
Morris, Arthur George
Morris, Frederick William
Morris, Phyllis Olga
Moss, Ernest
Moss, Reginald James
Muir, Walter William
Mullard, Alfred Frederick
Murray, Frank Cecil
Musgrove, Kenneth Leonard
Myland, Douglas Eric


Neil, George Henry
Newbury, Thomas Alfred
Newman, Eric David
Newman, Leslie
Newman, Thomas Henry
Nicholls, Douglas Hartley
Nichols, Arthur Hill
Nicoll, Leonard Frederick
Nippierd, Norman Edwin
Nixon, John Thomas
Norris, Albert William
Norris, Walter
North, Arthur
Noyce, Alfred John


Odell, Kenneth Winston
Ogllvie, David
Oldfield, Stanley
Olford, Frank Rendle
Orman, Basil Frank
Orman, Frederick William
Osmond, Charles Griffiths
Ottoway, James
Ovens, William
Oxburrow, John Edgar


Pafford, Frederick
Page, Leonard
Page, Victor Edward
Palmer, Reginald Albert
Park, Hilda Marion
Parker, Frederick Frank
Parker, William Andrew
Parkin, Ivor George
Parr, Albert John
Parsons, A
Parsons, Ernest Frederick
Passant, Walter Charles
Patterson, Thomas Biggar
Paul, Eric John
Payne, Arthur Robert
Payne, Geoffrey
Payne, George Frederick
Payne, Norman Frank
Peake, Charles Edward
Pearce, Cyril Alfred
Pearce, John William
Pearce, Sidney Alfred
Pearcey, William Gordon
Pearson, John George
Penfold, Norman Graham
Pennicott, Henry George
Penny, Cyril Walter
Penny, George Edwin
Penny, Lionel Kenneth
Perry, Desmond George
Peterson, Douglas
Peterson, Ernest John
Phillips, Gordon Valentine
Phillips, Robert Hillyar
Pickett, Ernest Stephen
Piercey, Kenneth James
Pike, Ronald Harry
Pilcher, Charles William
Pipon, Josephine
Plumb, Albert James
Pocock, Edgar Ivan
Pointer, John Cecil
Pope, Horace Alex
Porter, Ronald George
Potter, Peter Henry
Povey, Richard Sydney
Powell, Alan Sidney
Powell, Arthur Ernest
Powell, Stanley
Poynter, Harold Rowland
Pragnell, George Alexander
Prangnell, Edwin Harold
Pratt, William John
Prestidge, Albert Edward
Prewitt, Alfred Frederick
Prince, Percival William
Prior, Edwin Llewellyn
Pritchard, Gordon Alford
Pritt, Ivan Wlliam
Proudley, Stephen Frederick
Prowles, Charles Frank
Purkess, Stanley Frank


Quenault, Gordon John
Quick, Lyon Curtis
Quicke, Edward Cecil


Rackett, Ernie Frederick
Randall, Herbert George
Randall, Royston Henry
Randell, William Samuel
Raper, George Wilstrip
Rawlins, Sydney George
Rayner, Albert Cyril
Redstone, Teddy Charles
Reed, John Trevor
Reed, Robert Frank
Reed, William George
Reeves, Bertie Edwin
Reeves, Frederick George
Reeves, Howard Thomas
Reeves, Thomas
Reid, John McDonald
Relph, Henry Charles
Rice, Frank Norman
Richards, Charles Frederick
Richards, Frederick James
Richardson, Jack Samuel
Richardson, William
Ricketts, Charles Eli
Riddiford, Victor Ernest
Riddles, James
Ridout, Leonard James
Robbins, Ronald Harry
Roberts, Arthur Edgar
Roberts, Eric Samuel
Roberts, Ernest
Roberts, James Llewellyn
Roberts, John Charles
Roberts, Vera Elizabeth
Robinson, Albert Charles
Robinson, Arthur William
Robinson, Benjamin
Roe, Ronald Stanley
Rollins, Stanley Edward
Rothwell, Raymond Joseph
Rout, John Prime
Rowe, Charles
Rowe, Rowland Richard
Russell, Horace George
Russell, William Frederick

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