WWII Fallen Heroes A – E

Only 16 names of the Fallen of WWII have been researched to date (April 2015) as our focus is the telling of the stories of the Fallen of WWI during the centenary period 2014 – 2018.

However we have listed all the names of the Fallen of WWII and will carry out research when resources and time allows.  Therefore if you have any information about those named in the WWII lists please contact us using the Comments box (below).


Southampton Cenotaph PoppiesAbbott, Frederick John
Aburrow, Ronald Charles
Adams, John William
Alexander, Ronald Alec
Allott, George
Andrews, Donald Edward
Andrews, Frederick Keith
Angell, Dennis Walter
Annells, James William
Anteney, John Edward
Archdeacon, Raymond Frederick
Arnold, David Charles
Arnold, Herbert Peter
Arris, Alfred Frank
Arthurs, Douglas Victor
Ashley, Reginald Joseph
Atkins, Eric
Atkins, Thomas Richard
Atkinson, Edgar David
Atkinson, Edward James
Atwood, Ernest Albert
Aveson, Walter George
Ayles, Bryan
Ayres, Lilian Florence


Bailey, Frederick William
Bailey, Henry Victor
Baker, Kenneth Cameron
Baker, Norman Albert
Baldwin, Victor Norman
Barber, Kenneth Edward
Barker, William
Barnes, Albert Edward
Barnes, Alfred Ernest
Barnes, Owen Cicero
Barrett, Harold Brisco
Bartlett, Herbert Jeffrey
Batchelor, Denis D’Arcy
Batzofin, Hymen
Beale, Edward
Beale, William Richard
Bear, James Edward
Beard, Albert William
Bearman, George Henry
Benham, Albert Edward
Bennett, Douglas Gordon
Bennett, Frederick
Bennett, Joseph Eric
Benyon, Joseph Thomas
Berry, John Eric
Berry , Royston Southwell
Bevan, William
Bevis, Albert Charles
Bickers, Kenneth George
Biddlecombe, George Charles
Biffen, Albert Samuel
Billows, Ralph Bernard
Bishop, Frederick George
Bispham, Dennis John
Biss, Leonard Thomas
Blake, Herbert
Bland, Ralph Miller
Blann, Kenneth Arthur
Blann, Sydney Charles
Blaylock, Stanley
Bleach, Arthur Benjamin
Blewitt, Edward Joseph
Bligh, Reginald Norman
Blundell, Cecil Leonard
Boehmer, Geraldine Gilda
Boham, Frederick Leonard
Boncey, William Louis
Bond, Harold
Bond, James William
Bordycott, Kenneth Winchcombe
Boulter, Sadie Bell
Bourne, Ernest James
Bowles, Robert Kenneth
Bowring, Alfred James
Boyers, Cuthbert
Boyes, Percy Alexander
Brackstone, John Clifford
Bradley, Frank
Bradley, Neville
Bradley, William Roy
Brambley, William Frank
Bran, Sidney John
Brand, John William
Breen, Thomas
Brett, Thomas Edward
Brewer, Norman Clifford
Bright, William
Brindley, Joseph
Bristow, David Harold
Bristow, William
Britton, David John
Broadbent, Joseph George
Brooker, Sidney George
Brooks, David George
Broomfield, Herbert George
Brown, Edmund Richard
Brown, George Edward
Brown, Harry Charles
Bruno, Hugh Allan
Bryan, Thomas
Buckett, Philip James
Buckle, Charles Henry
Bull, Leonard
Bunney, William
Burge, Stanley Percy
Burlefinger, Francis Cecil
Burnage, George Rufus
Burrington, Trevor Rupert
Bushnell, John Stephen
Butt, Leonard
Butters, Robert Henry
Buttle, Eric Charles
Buxey, James Albert
Buxey, John Charles
Buxton, Leonard Reginald


Cadwallader, Robert Samuel
Cahill, Donald Lawrence
Cain, Harold
Caines, Leslie Douglas
Cairnes, Robert
Caldecutt, Thomas Houghton
Callick, Basil Bernard
Campbell, Thomas Frank
Carroll, Wilfrid Patrick
Carroll, William Peter
Carter, Frank Ernest
Casey, Peter Aloysius
Caswell, Bernard Frederick
Catlin, Norman John
Causton, Henry Atherton
Chalke, Eric Harry
Chandler, Ernest Raymond
Chapman, James (Jim) Frederick
Chapman, William Geoffrey
Chapple, Joseph Sidney
Charlton, Alexander Nelson
Chave, Owen Cecil
Childs, Charles William
Chilton, Phillip Stanley
Church, Geoffrey Roy
Churcher, Charles William
Churchill, Ronald
Clark, Alan Jack
Clarke, Charles William
Clarke, Dennis
Clarke, Herbert
Clarke, James Duffey
Clayton, Ernest
Cleeter, William George
Clift, John Charles
Clothier, James Frederick
Cockel, Hiram Stanley
Coffin, Leonard John
Cohen, Aubrey Herbert
Cole, Charles John

Cole, Stanley Walter
Coles, Robert John
Collings, Kenneth Victor
Collings, Leonard
Collingwood, Edward
Collins, Gilbert Alan
Collins, Leslie Norman
Collins, Ronald Edward
Collins, William Henry
Colwell, Percival Charles
Conroy, Clarence George
Cook, Albert Edward
Cook, Alexander Francis
Cook, Charles Douglas
Cook, John Thomas
Cook, T V
Cook, Thomas William
Cooke, Charles Arthur
Coombs, Basil Edward
Coombs, William Henry
Copperthwaite, Alfred Walter
Corbett, Patrick William
Corke, Stephen Hampton
Coulthard, John Anthony
Courtier, Reginald Frederick
Cousens, Alfred
Cousens, Walter Thomas
Couston, Henry Atherton
Coward, Frederick William
Cowley, Armine Ernest
Cox, Reginald
Cozens, Alan Duncan
Cozens, Edward Charles
Cozens, Samuel Charles
Crawford, Robert Henry
Crocombe, Frederick Charles
Cronan, George
Crouch, Arthur Herbert
Crowther, George Austin
Crowther, Harold Bernard
Cullen, Harry Robert
Cuming, William John
Cummins, Reginald Oliver
Curror, Ian Munro
Cutler, Henry Austin


Daponte, Henry Charles
Davey, Reginald James
Davies, Thomas Edward
Dawkins, Alexander Harold
Dawkins, Frederick Walter
Dawkins, Leonard Charles
Day-Dewdney, Richard Henry
De Groot, Cornelius
Denham, Joseph
Dennigan, George Richard
Denyer, Thomas James
Dixon, Charles Edwin
Dixon, Hubert Metcalf
Dobson, Charles Walter
Dobson, Jack
Doel, Leonard Philip
Doherty, Arthur Edwin
Dollery, Orlando Alfred
Doncom, Montague
Donohoe, Ronald
Dow, George Cecil
Downer, Phillip James
Dragon, Norman James
Draper, Walter Stanley
Dudley, Frank John
Duncombe, Robert Paul


Eady, Leslie Howard
Eagle, Robert Henry
Early, Leonard Edgar
Eastman, Leslie Ernest
Edsall, Frederick
Eldridge, Arthur Bertram
Ellaway, Harold
Ellis, Edward Peter
Elms, Ronald Raymouth
England, James Henry
Etheridge, Sidney Lewis
Ettlinger, Peter
Evans, Bertram William
Evans, Hugh Richard
Evans, Jack
Evans, Percival William
Everett, Sidney Rouse

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