WWII Fallen Heroes F – K

Only 16 names of the Fallen of WWII have been researched to date (April 2015) as our focus is the telling of the stories of the Fallen of WWI during the centenary period 2014 – 2018.

However we have listed all the names of the Fallen of WWII and will carry out research when resources and time allows.  Therefore if you have any information about those named in the WWII lists please contact us using the Comments box (below).


Southampton Cenotaph PoppiesFanstone, Jack
Farr, Ernest William
Farrell, Terence
Ferguson, James Cairns
Field, Walter Robert
Finch, Harold
Finch, Jack
Fisher, Frederick William
Flower, Frank Thompson
Flux, Arthur James
Foley, Rodney Alfred
Ford, John Francis
Foreman, Leslie
Foss, William John
Fox, Bertie Edwin
Francis, Dennis Alfred
Francis, Ernest Robert
Francis, Sidney Edward
Franks, James Edward
Fraser, James
Freeborn, Frederick George
Fruen, Frank Edward
Fruen, John Alfred
Fulham, William Frederick
Fuller, Meredith Charles
Fuller, Ronald Alec


Gale, Ernest William
Gamble, Ronald Stewart
Gardner, Arthur Frederick
Gardner, Bernard George
Gardner, Sidney James
Garland, William Charles
Gatehouse, Phillip Edwin
Geappen, John Albert
Gellitt, William Henry
Gentle, Leonard Charles
Gerono, Harold Charles
Gerrard, Reginald Thomas
Gerred, Albert Newton
Giles, George
Gleadall, Keith Albert
Glew, Kenneth Albert
Godwin, Sidney Edward
Goodall, Reginald Edward
Goodridge, Ronald Bertram
Goodyear, Ronald Edward
Gordon, Wllliam
Gough, Terence Arthur
Goulden, Arthur Victor
Graham, Thomas
Grainger, Benjamin Slade
Grant, Ronald Douglas
Grantham, Jack Howard
Gray, Reginald
Green, Edward David
Green, Ivon Herbert
Gregory, John Fairfax
Grey, Frederick Gwilym
Grieb, Leonard Charles
Griffiths, Frederick Hugh
Grimwood, Edward Alexander
Grinter, Edward James
Grist, William Lionel
Grove, George Thomas
Grubb, Charles Frederick
Grundy, George Alexander
Grundy, Samuel Hubert
Gunn, Edward James
Guy, Jack Joseph


Hale, Ernest George
Hall, Alfred Henry
Hall, George Henry
Hall, Kenneth Alexander
Hall, Peter Raymond
Hancock, Owen Douglas
Handley, Diana Joan
Hanley, Robert Henry
Hannam, Reginald James
Hansford, Thomas George
Harder, Frank Norman
Harris, Frank Oswald
Harris, Frederick Charles
Harris, Harry Edward
Harris, Raymond Leonard
Harris, Robert Leonard
Harris, Robert Percy
Harris, Stanley Louis
Harris, Walter Charles
Harris, William James
Harris, William John
Hartley, Clifford Quentin
Harvey, Stanley Harold
Harwood, Raymond Guy
Hatcher, Paul Herbert
Hawes, Ritchie William
Hay, Albert Frederick
Hayes , George Henry
Hayter, Ernest William
Hayter, Francis Jack
Headland, Percy William
Heather Charles Walter
Heaton, Walter
Helmer, Desmond John
Hembry, Peter John
Henbest, Roy
Henning, Frederick Percy
Henry, William Robert
Hibberd, William Charles
Hibbs, Henry
Hibdige, Albert Edward
Hickley, Phillip Frank
Hicks, Henry George
Hill, Archibald Alfred
Hill, Kenneth Moreland
Hilton, Maud Florence
Hinton, Arthur Cornelius
Hinton, Thomas John
Hiscock, Albert Edward
Hoadley, Charles Donald
Hobbs, Albert William
Hodder, Derek
Hodder, Frederick Charles
Hodges , John Benjamin
Holder, Alan Paul
Hollins, Arthur William
Holloway, Edgar Lewis
Holloway, Robert Geoffrey
Holmes, Dennis Victor
Holmes, Leonard Jeffrey
Holt, Rodney Nigel
Hooker, Leslie George
Hooker, Reginald Henry
Hooper, Charles Sidney
Hooper, Richard Frederick
Horder, Ronald Douglas
Hoskins, Frank
Houghton, Walter Roy Fairley
Hucker, Ernest
Hughes, Mervyn Frank
Humphreys, Charles Henry
Hunt, George Holman
Hunt, Robert
Hunter, Robert Douglas
Hurley, Harold Jean
Hurst, Frank
Hurst, Frederick
Hurst, Ralph George
Hutchinson, Aubrey George
Hutton, Alfred Charles
Hyde, Charles Henry
Hyde, John Henry


Ingram, Kenneth Herschell
Isaac, Wilmot Richard


Jackman, John Joseph
Jackson, Leonard Samuel
Jackson , Reginald Bertram
Jacques, Edouard Pierre
James, George
James, George Richard
Jardine, John Edwin
Jarvis, William Leonard
Jeanes, Albert John
Jeans, John Douglas
Jeffrey, Victor John
Jeffries, William Joseph
Jellett, Edward
Jerome, Peter Vivian
Jerono, Harold Charles
Jewell, William Charles
Johnson, Bernard William
Johnson, Kenneth George
Johnston, Donald Alexander
Joy, Frederick William
Judd, Jack Edward


Keep, Leslie Francis
Kemp, Cyril Sidney
Kemp, Richard Henry
Kenchenten, George Frederick
Kendall, Norman Ernest
Kennell, Leslie William
Kenny, Arthur Henry
King, Ernest Alfred
King, Harold Percival
King, James Francis
King, William Daniel
Kirby, Richard William
Knapp, Bernard Dennis
Kneller, Alan Francis
Knight, Victor Robert
Knowles, Henry Frederick

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