Fallen Heroes

Cenotaph glass wallNames are listed by surname.

Southampton City Council maintain the Cenotaph and Memorial Wall.  If you want to know if a name is on this monument please go to the list of names on the Southampton City Council website (http://www.southampton.gov.uk/s-leisure/artsheritage/history/cenotaph.aspx).  If the name isn’t listed and you want it added to the Memorial Wall please email Andy.Russel@southampton.gov.uk.

World War I

A – E

F – K

L – R

S – Z

World War II

A – E

F – K

L – R

S – Z

One response to “Fallen Heroes

  1. Alan Taylor

    I have been in touch with you several times now regarding Walter Ford Wishart, 405823, who died on 23/11/1918b aged 23 and is buried in Karachi. He was a Southampton resident and should be honoured on the memorial. If you have lost the information that I have sent you then please get in touch.
    I would very much appreciate a response.

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