Ernest Herbert Furley

Date of birth: 1889
Place of birth: Stianes, Middlesex
Regiment: Hampshire
Battalion: 2/5th
Rank / Service No: Private, 202523
Died: 13th November 1917, aged 27 years
Commemorated: Jerusalem Memorial, Israel


Ernest was the third of 5 known siblings born to George and Martha Louisa Furley (nee Cranford), who married in Staines on 2 April 1884.

It must be assumed that one child died in infancy.


George was born in Islington in 1864 and he died in Southampton on 16 October 1930, leaving £3076 12s 7d to his wife.

Martha was born in Farnham in 1865 and she passed away in Worthing on 28 July 1948, leaving £3260 19s to her daughter Doris and the husband of her daughter Mildred.



Mildred Louisa   b. 1885 Staines   d. 1965 Southampton   Married William Henry Trigg in Southampton in 1912.

Arthur George   b. 1886 Staines   d. 1964 Exeter   Married Jane E. Moore in Lambeth in 1929.

Ernest Herbert

Edith Elizabeth   b. 1892 Southampton   d. 1963 Worthing   Married Alan C. Springett in Southampton in 1915.

Doris Winifred   b. 1904 Southampton   d. 1959 Worthing   Married Samuel L. Acheson in Worthing in 1941.


Ernest, a law clerk, married Florence Daisy Smith in Southampton in 1912. The couple had 3 children and lived in Sandown Road, Shirley.

Florence was born in Winchester in 1885 and she passed away in Southampton in 1978, aged in the early 90’s.


John Alexander   b. 1913 Southampton   d. 1984 Salisbury   Married May A. Prince in Southampton in 1940.

Stella R.   b. 1914 Southampton   d. 1940 Southampton   Married James G. Hurst in Bingham (Notts) in 1939.

Phyllis Viola   b. 1917 Southampton   d. 1990 Southampton   Married Leslie N. Torr in Southampton in 1940.


The 2/5th battalion was formed on Salisbury Plain in September 1914. They joined the 2/1st Hampshires in the 2nd Wessex Division in the October and sailed for India on 13 December.

They arrived in Bombay on 4 January 1915, the Divison was broken up battalions were placed around India.


The battalion embarked for Egypt in March 1917 and transferred to the 233rd Brigade in the 75th Division in the April.

They were immediately dispatched to Palestine to join the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, who had been fighting the Turks since December 1916.


Ernest lost his life in the battle of Junction Station, where the British defeated a Turkish attempt to defend the line of the railway to Jerusalem.

The day after Ernest’s death, the 75th Division captured the station, cutting the Turkish rail link to Jerusalem.


The Memorial stands in Jerusalem War Cemetery and commemorates 3,300 Commonwealth servicemen who died during WW1 in operations in Egypt or Palestine and have no known grave.




Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 19th July 2016


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