David ARTHUR Humphreys

Date of birth: 1899
Place of birth: Brockenhurst
Regiment: Royal Defence Corps
Battalion: 63rd Protection Coy.
Rank / Service No: Private, 85073
Died: 7th March 1919, aged 19 years
Buried: Brockenhurst (St Nicholas) Churchyard


Arthur was the first of 3 siblings born to David and Mary Humphreys (nee Spencer), who married in Southampton in 1898.


David Snr. had previously been married to Ann James, in Southampton in 1883, and they had one child before Ann died, aged only 26 years.

The family are known to have lived at 38 Lodge Road from about 1908.


David Snr., an ironmonger by trade, was born in Weybridge in 1863 and he died in Southampton in 1928.

Mary was born in Littlehampton in 1870, and she passed away in Southampton in 1938.



Half-sister Winifred Annie   b. 1893 Brockenhurst   d. 1982 Southampton   Married William J. Spencer in Brockenhurst in 1916.

David Arthur

Grace   b. 1900 Brockenhurst  d. ??

Mary   b. 1906 Brockenhurst   d. 1996 Romsey   Married Ralph E. Russell in Southampton in 1935.



The Royal Defence Corps was formed in March 1916, and made use of soldiers who were either too old or medically unfit for military service.


The R.D.C guarded P.o.W camps and other vulnerable sites, such as ordnance depots.


In May 1918, the 63rd Protection Coy. came under the orders of the Eastern Command and were based in Faversham on 26 June 1918.


The exact details of Arthur’s death are unknown.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 3rd October 2016


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