Charles John Comport

Date of birth: 1893
Place of birth: Southampton
Regiment: Royal Engineers
Battalion: 15th Field
Rank / Service No: Lance Corporal, 20125
Died: 25th September 1915, aged 22 years
Buried: Y Farm Military Cemetery, Bois-Genier, France (G.19)


Charles was the oldest of 7 siblings born to Charles Ernest and Elizabeth Comport who, according to the 1911 Census, married in 1891.

Charles Ernest was born in Southampton in 1867 and died in the city in 1960. Elizabeth was born in Chilbolton in 1868 and passed away in Southampton in 1939.



Charles John   Located in Gillingham at 1911 Census 

William ERNEST   b. 1895 Southampton   d. 1981 Lambeth   Married Gladys M. Rice in Edmonton in 1920.

Phillip RODNEY   b. 1897 Southampton   d. 1934 Winchester   Married Florence M. Smith in Poplar in 1921.

Gladys MARY   b. 1899 Southampton   d. 1955 Battersea

Robert Alan   b. 1901 Southampton   d. 1981 Southampton   Married Marjorie Cooper in Southampton in 1949.

Patrick Brundritt   b. 1905 Southampton   d. 1964 Southampton   Married Dora Goodey in Woolwich in 1939.

James Henry K.   b. 1907 Southampton   d. 1991 Bromley


The 15th Field Company, as part of the 8th Division, took part in an attack on Neuve Chapelle (March 1915), supporting the 24th Division.

There is a good chance that Charles was one of 80 “special bombers”, selected to support III Corps as they attempted to remove stubborn German resistance from around Bois-Genier.

This was one of the first actions of the Battle of Loos, a battle seen as a failure overall because the Germans remained in control of most of the area.


The cemetery is named after a nearby farm, called by the Army “Y” (Wye) Farm. It was begun in March 1915 and used by units holding the sector until February 1918.

At the Armistice there were 335 burials, but it was then increased when graves were brought in from the surrounding area.


It now contains 835 burials and commemorations from WW1, 288 of which are unidentified.


Charles’ headstone reads: “Who is gone into heaven.”



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 23rd June 2016


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