Charles Frederick Giles

Date of birth: June 1885
Place of birth: St Mary’s, Southampton
Regiment: Manchester
Battalion: 1st
Rank / Service No: Private, 9049
Died: 25th March 1917, aged 31 years
Commemorated: Basra Memorial, Iraq


Charles was the second of 7 known siblings born to Anselm Ambrose and Sarah CAROLINE Giles (nee Winstenly), who married in Southampton in 1880.

The couple had a total of 10 children, so it must be assumed that 3 died in infancy.


Anselm was born in Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire in 1860 and he died in Winchester in 1945.

Caroline was born in Millbrook in 1861 and she passed away in Southampton in 1931.



Anselm Ambrose Edward   b. 1880 St. Mary’s   d. 1956 Southampton   Married Blanche Gertrude Warren in Southampton in 1903.

Charles Frederick

Harry   b. 1888 St. Mary’s   d. 1956 Southampton

George   b. 1890 St. Mary’s   d. 1948 Southampton

Archie   b. 1895 St. Mary’s   d. 1970 Southampton

Arthur   b. 1899 St. Mary’s   d. 1958 Southampton   Married Hilda B. Biddlecombe in Southampton in 1922.

Lily Rose Caroline   b. 1903 St. Mary’s   d. 1986 Winchester   Married Walter J. Oliver in Southampton in 1929.


The 1st Manchesters were in Jullundur, India in August 1914, part of the 8th (Jullundur) Brigade in the 3rd (Lahore) Division.

They left India on 29 August 1914, as part of the Indian Corps, and landed at Marseilles on 26 September 1914.


The battalion served on the Western Front until leaving France on 10 December 1915, landing at Basra on 8 January 1916 to assist in the liberation of Baghdad from the Ottoman Empire.


It is known that Charles was killed in action, but there are no specific details.



Researcher: Mark Heritage
Published: 28th July 2016


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